Feelings and thoughts are different, but also are one and the same. They are like the head and tail of a coin. We react to events with both thoughts and feelings. Feelings are emotions, and sensations, and they are different from thoughts, beliefs, interpretations, and convictions. When difficult feelings are expressed, the sharp edges are dulled, and it is easier to release or let go of the bad feeling. If we only express our beliefs about the event and not the feelings, the bad feelings linger and are often harder to release.

However is it so easy to express one’s feelings? It’s really difficult and all reading this will agree to it. Here I am to make an effort to express my feelings and not thoughts.

So how I feel? Like all, even I feel irritated, mad, anxious, afraid, sad, hurt, lonely at varying degree and I want to express it, but believe me it’s not that easy for me. I don’t want myself to be misunderstood however when I don’t know how to say what I mean, it’s bound to happen. I wished there was a seventh sense in human beings for empathizing with others. This would have solved most of the problems from our lives. This being not possible we take route of so many mediums to express our feelings. Our success in expressing ourselves again depends on many factors.

So, Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears and keep posting your thoughts, feelings and suggestions in my blogging expedition.