As this year is imminent to its closing stages, I sense there are so many things I just could not manage to do in all these days…I wanted to put across my self, but it could not happen for some raison d’être or other…

Year 2009 was a bag of sundry experiences for. I was in high spirits; I was gloomy; I had successes; I had failures; I laughed; I cried; I fought; I had fun; I made foes and yes I made friends…

The place I stayed for all these days was a home away from home in true sense. My flat mates ;with whom my acquaintances was not very old, however the level of intimacy ,empathy, support and love in the midst of all there was not dreamt off when I joined them.

It was fun filled experience all these days there, and now when most of them, including me have moved on to different places for one reason or other, I long to get back to those times.

Herein I just want to write a little about all of them…better to say the first thing about them when I think about them…

Kanu…hmm this cute girl is in true sense big thing in small package!!!!Very down to earth, sensible, caring, intelligent and emotional…I miss those cooking and long chit chat sessions with you on any damn topic. Thanks for all the support I got from you, be the same always.

Rashmi…true to her name…this damsel shines with her fairness. She is very emotional and straightforward girl who values love above anything else. I wish her all the very best in her life.

Roma…our forever “talli” friend: P….jokes apart this lady is a true support system to rely upon in adverse situations and I say that with personal experience. She has unimaginable energy and determination. Hats off to you dear. And I pray God that you get everything you wish for you in your life.

Veenu…my Rani Mukherji and “jab we met’s” Kareena Kapoor…I have to just tell her this to make her happy…A happy go lucky person who is expert in anything she does, be it cooking,makeup,coding,dancing….A great future is stored in you and you have already started getting them. Keep smiling always.

Ruchika… aka Chuggu, BAIL…ha ha…She’s my favorite teasing target. I just love doing it. I know you hate this, but baby I love it and I am sure you must be missing me for that. You are very sweet and you look like a bachcha…however your long list of…makes me wonder how’s it possible. Do invite me for your marriage, don’t you dare forget it…Love you…

Vinni… the sole proprietor of the word “nalayak”…a bundle of mischief and a very good friend. She’s bindaas and urbane in true sense.

Kimi… she gives real wrong impression of being beauty without brains. However this is not at all the case. She’s as bright in all senses as bright she looks. She is a very sweet girl with so many qualities to learn from her. My best wishes are with you for all you endeavor.

Prerna… one of my earliest friends in Bangalore…though distance apart since quite some time, she manages to keep tab of all with quite an élan. She’s a very nice person to know and soon she’s going to get something she’s been dreaming of all these days. All the best dearie…!!!!

Vidhi and Nidhi… the new kids in our place!!!!Vidhi though younger than most of us is “born grandmother”. All those familiar with her would agree to this. She’s a great cook, great manager, very religious and sweet.

And Nidhi, a child still, with so many questions with her all the time. Grow up girl and believe in yourself.

Both of you have a great future ahead. My wishes are always there for you.

I am going to miss all of you big time. I wish our paths cross some time again in future. Love you all.

Best wishes for the New Year…****Happy 2010****…May this year bring lots of happiness, love, laughter and fun…to all of you!!!!