After a busy schedule on a business tour and flying from Texas to Florida, moving ahead to Paris and then back to London, I took the next flight to Chennai and then moved to Chetpet, Nungambakkam in a private jet, only to suddenly awaken up out of the faraway tiny day-dream, I finally managed to reach and do formalities of joining car driving classes at L’Man’s driving school at Chetpet which is hardly 2 kilometres from the place I stay in Nungambakkam.And yes I took an auto rickshaw for twenty rupees to reach there 😉
Yes friends, though it was not such a ‘fundoo’ business trip but honestly I was busy and it was not only work that was keeping me busy, it was also a list of TV programs, plentiful sleep and my laziness.
However after getting several numbers of car driving schools in Chennai from useful sites in Indian context, like and and subsequent calls, queries and enquiries, I finally managed to join L’Man’s driving school in Chetpet because they were the only one in my locality who had provision of pick up and drop, though this facility came up with a little addition in the cost involved when compared with other driving school. However it is acceptable and was a desired facility because first of all, this endeavour of learning car driving requires me to get up at least one and half hour earlier than my so-called daily schedule in morning and if I had to go on my own, just the thought of getting up early and then the overhead of taking an auto to and fro, the driving school would have been a never starting affair.
So it finally started yesterday with the trainer allowing me to sit on the driver’s seat and giving me gyan about gear, clutch, brake, accelerator, wiper and indicator(s). It was a warm up session, I would say.
And today morning I was allowed to start the car and yes drive it too. Some initial confusion in changing gears and simultaneous release of clutch, I was pretty good and confident while driving. We drove the car in the area near by my place for around half an hour and I was dropped outside my apartment. I felt good and was reminded of my happiness in school days, when I was able to balance my bicycle for the first time and second time when I as able to ride my ‘Bajaj Spirit’.
When I mention about my bicycle and scooterette, I point out one thing in common between them apart from my happiness in learning to drive them; and the common string in both cases is the colour. Yes both of them were ‘wine red’ in colour and I love this colour in general and in particular for a vehicle. So will I be able to buy a car of the same colour? Let’s see, hopefully I shall update you all about it.
Till then,
“Heureux et en sécurité de conduite”
“Feliz y seguro de conducer”
“Gelukkig en veilig rijden”
“Khush aur surakshit driving”
“Happy and safe driving”.