I know,I keep bringing instances of my workplace 😛 ,however what happened today was just 5 minutes after I left my workplace today late in evening.A sudden thrust of humid air when I come out of office is usual in Chennai, however lift not working was something that happened for the first time.Big deal! I told myself and started walking down the stairs.When I was on the second floor stairs,as I was walking down with a speed,I crossed someone moving very slow,without caring who was there.But then,the moment I was already at first floor,I realized I overlooked something which I should have not.Yes that someone moving slow was a lame lady with polio calipers.And I realized there was nobody with her.I immediately turned back and reached where she was and asked if she needs any help,she looked at me and smiled…said she was waiting for her friend and that she will manage.As I was about to insist again,her friend came,and I smiled back at them and moved on.

And it was not my smile I am talking about,I am herein referring to smile from that lady.Yes it was a smile from a person in return of help someone stranger to her,offered.Though I could not really give her any assistance in walking down the stairs,she genuinely gave me a genuine smile,worth never forgetting and yes with no doubt made itself the “Best of Today!” for me… 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂