Pittha blogpittha with green chutneyI had been planning to cook ‘pittha’ since I ate it last year at Mom’s place in Patna, however somehow was not able to materialize it due to some reasons or other. Today being Sunday and as we had a brunch today, I had some extra time and had all the ingredients at home to final cook ‘pittha’. First called Mom for refresher on the recipe and final tips and tricks.As I start doing preparations, I am accompanied by expert opinions by my very own master chef, my husband đŸ˜€ . If I have to explain ‘pittha’ to uninitiated or non-Bihari, then I would say, ‘pittha’ is Bihari momos :).It’s a Bihari delicacy and once cooked can be stored in refrigerator and re-heated and enjoyed for 3-4 days.

Personally I like it a lot
Here is my recipe for pittha:


For dough:- • Rice flour(500 gms) • Hot water (approximately half liter)

For the filling:- • Channa daal (soaked overnight) • garlic (6-7 cloves) • ginger(grated 2 teaspoon) • cumin seeds powder • garam masala (1 tea spoon) • green chillies (4 small) • coriander leaves (1 small cup-chopped) • table salt to taste • black salt to taste

For tadka or tempering:- • Vegetable oil (2 tablespoon) • red chilies (3-4) • curry leaves • mustard seeds

Method:- Mix rice flour with boiling water and cover it with lit, once it is little cool ,make smooth dough. Mix all the ingredients of filling and grind it in mixer to make a slightly coarse paste. Take small portions of dough on palm and put the filling and make small dumplings and set aside. Once done with all the materials, put them one by one, in a pan of boiling water. We need to boil them for approximately 20-25 minutes. Check the dumplings if its cooked (tooth pick test).Take out the dumplings from boiling water and let it dry for few minutes. Cut the dumplings into pieces. And in a pan heat oil, throw in curry leaves, red chilies and mustard seeds and toss the pitthas (cut pieces of dumplings).

Serve with green coriander chutney.

We enjoyed the pittha I cooked today, hope you will try this and relish it as well!!