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2011 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2011 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

The concert hall at the Syndey Opera House holds 2,700 people. This blog was viewed about 11,000 times in 2011. If it were a concert at Sydney Opera House, it would take about 4 sold-out performances for that many people to see it.

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Driving Again!

After a busy schedule on a business tour and flying from Texas to Florida, moving ahead to Paris and then back to London, I took the next flight to Chennai and then moved to Chetpet, Nungambakkam in a private jet, only to suddenly awaken up out of the faraway tiny day-dream, I finally managed to reach and do formalities of joining car driving classes at L’Man’s driving school at Chetpet which is hardly 2 kilometres from the place I stay in Nungambakkam.And yes I took an auto rickshaw for twenty rupees to reach there 😉
Yes friends, though it was not such a ‘fundoo’ business trip but honestly I was busy and it was not only work that was keeping me busy, it was also a list of TV programs, plentiful sleep and my laziness.
However after getting several numbers of car driving schools in Chennai from useful sites in Indian context, like and and subsequent calls, queries and enquiries, I finally managed to join L’Man’s driving school in Chetpet because they were the only one in my locality who had provision of pick up and drop, though this facility came up with a little addition in the cost involved when compared with other driving school. However it is acceptable and was a desired facility because first of all, this endeavour of learning car driving requires me to get up at least one and half hour earlier than my so-called daily schedule in morning and if I had to go on my own, just the thought of getting up early and then the overhead of taking an auto to and fro, the driving school would have been a never starting affair.
So it finally started yesterday with the trainer allowing me to sit on the driver’s seat and giving me gyan about gear, clutch, brake, accelerator, wiper and indicator(s). It was a warm up session, I would say.
And today morning I was allowed to start the car and yes drive it too. Some initial confusion in changing gears and simultaneous release of clutch, I was pretty good and confident while driving. We drove the car in the area near by my place for around half an hour and I was dropped outside my apartment. I felt good and was reminded of my happiness in school days, when I was able to balance my bicycle for the first time and second time when I as able to ride my ‘Bajaj Spirit’.
When I mention about my bicycle and scooterette, I point out one thing in common between them apart from my happiness in learning to drive them; and the common string in both cases is the colour. Yes both of them were ‘wine red’ in colour and I love this colour in general and in particular for a vehicle. So will I be able to buy a car of the same colour? Let’s see, hopefully I shall update you all about it.
Till then,
“Heureux et en sécurité de conduite”
“Feliz y seguro de conducer”
“Gelukkig en veilig rijden”
“Khush aur surakshit driving”
“Happy and safe driving”.

Better late than never…

“Better late than never”…yes, finally I was able to donate blood! It was moment of utter gratification for me, and I am sure you’ll believe me because I am a person who is just frightened of needles and syringes.

I was very young when I got to know from my aunt about people donating blood. I really felt great about those who used to do that on a frequent basis. This donation is just incomparable and the feeling is just so high; which I wouldn’t have realized until I myself donated blood in December last year.

In the past somehow or other I just could not donate my very own “B+” blood because of this reason or other.

And this time it had to be done; I was damn so eagerly waiting for the event to take place in my new office. I was amongst first set of seven people to donate blood that day.

After filling a set of mandatory questionnaires, we were supposed to get our weights and blood checked.

One’s determination and excitement doesn’t eliminate one’s fears but yes it does lessen it. I literally shout and run away seeing syringes but that day I managed to go myself to the people concerned, get my blood group verified and hemoglobin checked and then allow someone to pierce that thick long needle to pour out blood out of my veins.

As usual my face speaks everything and all those who passed by me asked me the same question:” first time?” I was asked to be relaxed and keep pressing and releasing a stress ball in other hand. It seems it helps,and so I followed at instructed.

After around 15-20 minutes I was told its done and then that thick long needle was removed and an antiseptic cotton kept and on top of a bandage; and Yippee ! I was successful in my blood donation venture.

The act of giving blood is often said to be a purely altruistic act, something that we do out of the goodness of our hearts, for the benefits of others. Certainly most ad campaigns for blood emphasize this altruistic quality.

That day I congratulated myself with this message when I was giving blood, but I didn’t really believe it: we do things because they make us feel good, and donating blood, it seems, is no different.

I read somewhere that some researchers at some University surveyed nearly 1000 prospective donors, and looked at the effect of two different types of message on willingness to help, for both committed and uncommitted blood donors. The messages were either “benevolent”, meaning that both donor and recipient benefit from donation, or “altruistic”, where only the recipient benefits.

The results of the surveys found that beliefs in personal, rather than societal, benefit predicted actual future donation.

In other words, the best explanation for why people donate blood is benevolence – that is, both the donor and recipient benefit from the act.

And committed blood donors were more willing to donate blood when exposed to a benevolent message rather than an altruistic one.

I was very happy on successful beginning of my blood donation plan and would try to be a blood donor whenever I can…

My fears

My fears

I have so many fears in my existence. I fear being like someone I detest or something I extremely dislike as characteristic. I fear failures in my endeavors. I fear losing control. I love balancing between pandemonium and management with everything I do. I always have a fear of going one way or another, getting lost in something, or losing everything to get lost in. And I fear being a completely tolerable sheep in society.

I always question myself whether these fears of mine are justified? Am I being too hypercritical about events happenings at the present and the premonition of things in future? Why cannot I leave everything on itself to take shape as they are destined to?

But then I also think is destiny something what we make for our self by our deeds and planning or is it something that is bound to happen. In either case my life cannot offer me a dress rehearsal before the actual stage show. Also I feel if I knew what I was so worried about, I wouldn’t worry so much…

So what is the away out? What can I do? Should I follow the words of Buddha “The secret of health for both mind and body is not to mourn for the past, worry about the future, or anticipate troubles, but to live in the present moment wisely and earnestly”

Hmm let’s see if living in the present moment and that too prudently and solemnly is as easy as framing it in a sentence. At present, about myself I can say I am in an experimental mode. Did I take long to understand this philosophy? Hmm better late than never…what else I can say…? You  see I am improving…


Feelings and thoughts are different, but also are one and the same. They are like the head and tail of a coin. We react to events with both thoughts and feelings. Feelings are emotions, and sensations, and they are different from thoughts, beliefs, interpretations, and convictions. When difficult feelings are expressed, the sharp edges are dulled, and it is easier to release or let go of the bad feeling. If we only express our beliefs about the event and not the feelings, the bad feelings linger and are often harder to release.

However is it so easy to express one’s feelings? It’s really difficult and all reading this will agree to it. Here I am to make an effort to express my feelings and not thoughts.

So how I feel? Like all, even I feel irritated, mad, anxious, afraid, sad, hurt, lonely at varying degree and I want to express it, but believe me it’s not that easy for me. I don’t want myself to be misunderstood however when I don’t know how to say what I mean, it’s bound to happen. I wished there was a seventh sense in human beings for empathizing with others. This would have solved most of the problems from our lives. This being not possible we take route of so many mediums to express our feelings. Our success in expressing ourselves again depends on many factors.

So, Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears and keep posting your thoughts, feelings and suggestions in my blogging expedition.

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