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World’s best dad

Off late or rather often I find myself talking about my father whenever some instances in day to day life comes which reminds me of what my father would do or used to do or would be doing then and I find myself cherishing those moments! Indeed I can quote;’ Old as she was, she still missed her daddy sometimes’…

The interesting part of this emotive start is most of the memoirs brings smile and are funny too!

Many a times I have said this to my husband and whomsoever I spoke with and the topic of families and childhood days came and when I spoke about my dad that my dad should have born in the current generation seeing his ways of life:

He loves to maintain his ‘social network’ and is quite successful in that without using Facebook, however he does not understand ‘F’ of Facebook or better say ‘I’ of Internet. We including kids in family have tried so many times, but no gain 😥 .He knows only one thing ‘take the print out’ 😉

And when I talk of taking print outs, or rather say habit of collecting information (again something which even I do, but the ways are different), my dad is incomparable. He is very conscious of the current affairs’ related to politics specially, about education, about software and software company news, this one because his kids (we both) are associated with that. He would take paper cuttings and carefully file it, so that he can share them with us, when we meet. So much connected with us, touch wood!

He has keen interest in latest products in market; he loves trying out international brands of clothes and shoes,way more interested than men of his generation ;).We always had all the electronic gadgets in our home, latest with the technology, thanks to dad’s interests!

He likes trying out different and new kind of food, but undoubtedly loves food made by my Mom(his wife 😛 ),though would rarely admit that. My mom would often say even when she’s on deathbed, he would ask her to cook first for the day and then die ;).You know this is their way of showing attachment :D. He’s so foodie (of course, I inherit his this part or almost all part of his nature ;)) that if he has invitation from multiple places for feast on the same day, he would make sure he visits all the places, not only for formality but for eating too :P, he would love to try out some of the spreads all all places, only to end up with an upset stomach but happy otherwise :D. All in the family always have a good laugh on this behavior of my father. The benefit of this habit of dad and awesome culinary skill of Mom was that, we always had privilege of tastiest food at home and even out of home 😀

He’s quite good in interacting with people, be it anybody, even my friend circle…so quite a social person. Give him a chance to interact with a friend and end of day, he would have more of his/her bio-data than me 😉 quite an inquisitive person he’s.

He loves travelling and exploring different places; has travelled a lot in India during his studies and keeps recalling those experiences when visiting those places again or when we go to those places, he would share those days reminisces and such talks are quite refreshing…

I have so many recollections with dad, that I can keep them jotting and it would not end even then…

Today he’s on the way to Hyderabad with Mom and my Masi, Mausa and kiddo cousin Arnav and I am really excited to meet all of them. I would not be missing them for some time now…Hope to have an awesome time in coming few days!

Love you Papa and Love you Mom!

PS. Now these are coming post pokes from Arnav aka Bonnie after his experiences with ‘dad the great’; he was like, I should certainly enter these in the write-up. So his experiences of which me and my bro and all others would agree…when we are travelling by train, dad has to get down at all the stations and take a stroll compulsorily and return with the something or other from the station, especially if that place is famous for some thing: like Agra and ‘Agra ke pethe’,Allahabad and ‘Allahabad ke amrood(guava)’,Nagpur and ‘Nagpur ke santre(oranges)’,etc. When we were very young, we would get scared when train would start and he would not be around, fearing that he might be left behind at the station ;).All in relation would say that, he would only not venture out at stations that would come across in the travel while he’s sleeping ;),a little exaggeration, I know… but this is how family talks happen 😀

And the latest news is dad again wants to learn computers and this time he’s asked bro to bring his old laptop along, so that he can learn :),let’s see how much progress he makes!

Folks, because of huge situational demand and the amount of stories and moments I want to share and keep for records, I will be updating this blog from time to time…

-> The latest development is: My cousin helped my Father to open his Facebook account and dad proudly calls my younger brother, sharing the news of his FB account being opened and now he would get an account setup for our Mom too…the tone was how he got his bank account opened in a new bank and will get one opened for Mom too  😉 😀


What will happen tomorrow?will I be able to do it again,what I did last time?




To be honest,I do not know 😛

Okay,let me make myself clear…its about my status tomorrow in swimming pool,when I will be told to jump in pool without swimming tube…I have been practicing with submersible tube in my last six classes and have also been observing others who were scared too when it was their turn as it will be mine tomorrow.

Last class,the trainer asked me to remove the tube and prompted me to cross the pool,and I crossed the pool from one side to other,on the shallower portion…however I am not sure how I did it :P,it just happened by fluke,did I really swim and can I swim again????

That’s a million dollar question,whose answers I will get in pool itself,and that’s what I am so scared about 😦

I was just watching some you tube videos for swimming lessons,when my roommate,who knows swimming,said it’s so funny 😀 ,but then I can see thousand of videos and thousand page visits there,so I am not funny alone 😛 😉

I know its funny to learn swimming online :P,but there are many professionally made videos out there and my only reason to see them was that extra preparation,so that I do not fail err drown 😦 😛

I feel very sleepy when I finish swimming,however the nigh before,that is today I have lost my sleep…

Now I can do nothing ,but sleep and go for swimming classes in morning…

Wish me luck!

P.S.I am sure I will be dreaming about swimming toning 😛

just two more hours :P

In continuation with my very sweet sleep rhapsody…I just want to share about what cruelty I had been imposing on my sleep because of my driving classes 😉 all these days err mornings.

As I can only take driving lessons in the morning and I really want to learn driving ASAP…every night(since past 4-5 weeks)I am very determined to get up on time and go downstairs and wait for my car driving trainer.And in fact I had been managing it somehow…

However there is a twist in the story :P… The trainer does not know anything but Tamil and few English words,but then he will never use them anyways,and when while waiting for him in morning in the first week,when I would call him,he would say something in Tamil( in super fast speed) and because I would not understand what he said,I would be left with no clue whether he’s coming in 5 minutes,10 minutes or whether he will be not coming at all…I somehow managed to guide trainer to speak with me in broken sentences in English…if he’s coming in 5 minutes…just telling me…”5 minutes wait”…if he’s not coming….he should say…”not coming”.However this little training to my trainer…was a savior 🙂

But then again a twist…as it’s so well-known that I just love sleeping and it is just so nice to sleep in morning;every night when I go to sleep,I am very determined to get up timely in morning for my car driving sessions,but  when I hear my mobile alarm,at first instance I want to keep it in snooze and in second instance I want to call the trainer and wish to hear…”Amma…I am not coming”…and me going to sleep again… 😛

Today also I got up on alarm, saw time and then decided that instead of trying to fulfill my wish to hear from the trainer to say that he’s not coming,I told him….”Anna I am not…” 😛 :D…and slept for another two hours…. 😀 🙂

Though this is my third south Indian state,I never felt the need of learning the local language as much as I felt its need in my stay in Chennai.
Yes,people…before Chennai I have stayed in Hyderabad and then Bangalore,however in both these cities,I never felt the need to learn Telugu or Kannada respectively as much as I felt its necessity in Chennai.
Nevertheless,I have interest in learning the languages and somehow I manage to catch the meaning of languages,if I listen to it with concentration.And I am thankful of my knowledge of Sanskrit,learnt in school.Though I never scored great in it… :P…And I still remember what our Sanskrit teacher used to say about power of Sanskrit knowledge.
Snap!coming to present times or better to say starting from period of my entry in south India…on my rendezvous with languages Telugu,Kannada and at present Tamil;
I always wanted to learn these languages,however could not learn them to be make fluent use of them.
I remember pestering few of my college friends in Hyderabad to teach me Telugu and in fact they taught me too.First thing I learnt was counting numbers in Telugu…ookati,rendu,mudu,nalgu…. :)then some sentences like…,”what is your name?”’s translated as “nee peru enti?”;”bagunara”, “bagunawa”,”matladtadu”,”ivu”,”chappu”,”nidrostundi”,”kuchchu”…and the famous “Entraa!” heard in college days!
Our college had good mix of people from different states and life was easy with Hindi and English and some times the indigenous local Hyderabadi Hindi…”Sahi boltun na!” 😀
However,gradually the initial interest in learning the language,became less and also one of my Telugu friend in college said,she should not teach me any more Telugu,as they will then not be able to speak anything and everything in Telugu when they were in my room with my room-mate 😦 Though they still do not know I somehow managed to understand the gist of their conversation 😉 😛
Some Telugu sentence which I still remember…
Neeku telugu vachchaa/thelusa?
Do you know telugu?
Meeku telugu vachchaa/thelusa?
Do you know telugu? (to elders)
Naaku telugu raadhu/thelidhu.
I don’t know Telugu.
Em chestunnav? (‘Emi chestunaru’ is more formal)
What are you doing?
Nee peru emiti??
What is your name?
Hitech city ki vasthava?? (To ask an autowala)
Will you come to Hitech city?
Inka okka sari cheppu
Tell once more
After Telugu it was time for Kannada…yes though in Bangalore,language is not much of problem,and in my group in Tech Mahindra,most of them being Kannada,they would though not let me feel out-of-place by speaking in Kannada when I am there,but some how I tried listening to their conversation,and gradually learnt quite lot of Kannada…
Some of sentences I learnt in Kannada…
What is your name?…Ninna hesarenu?/ Ninna hesaru yenu?
Did you have your lunch?…Oota madhidheya?/ oota aayitha?
How are you?…Hegiddhiya?/ Neenu heghiddhiya?
I am fine…Nanu chenagiddene.
Why are they late for the meeting?…Avaru meetingige yaake thadavadharu?
How did you come?…Neenu hege bandhe?
And the latest experience of being in Chennai,the need of knowing Tamil is felt when I have to negotiate for an auto,when I have to buy something from a local grocery shop,when I have to order for my evening snacks in office,when I have to ask for some help in finding an address,when I have to instruct my maid for something,when I have to….Yes!it is a never-ending list…Though I do not have much of Tamil speaking company here,I started learning Tamil;just for your information my room mates are Mallus and I am sure by the time I leave this place,I would have learnt Malyalam too 🙂 😛
Coming to my a b c d of Tamil…It starts daily in morning with me trying to get an auto…I use names of places without using any other word in English or Hindi or Tamil,Thank God! names of places are the same in all languages…Then I say “evaalavu”,which means “how much”;then if the auto fellow gives some numbers…Thank God!till date all of them used English number system or sign language,and then if I feel it is more,I say “Anna!  jyasti”…means “Brother! it’s more”…then I say,”Anna fifty sollunga!” which means “Brother! say fifty”….Phew!this is how I get an auto and then “Néraa ponga! Idathu/Valathu thirumpunga”,which means “Go straight! then turn left/ right!”…I hope none of auto walas read this ;)…but I feel they are smart enough to make out I am not Tamilian…
Few more sentences I learnt in Tamil…
Good/ Bad/ So-So…Nallathu / Mosam / Appadithaan.
Big/ Small…Periya / Chinna
Today/ Now…Indru / Ippothu
Tomorrow/ Yesterday…Naalai / Nétru
Yes/ No…Amaam / illai
Here you go! (when giving something)…Indhaa.
Do you like it?…unakku idhu pidikkuthaa?
I really like it!…Enakku idhu romba pidikkuthu.
I’m hungry/ thirsty…Enakku pasi / thagam irukku.
In The Morning/ Evening/ At Night…Kalaiyil / Maalaiyil / Rathri (or) iravil
This/ That. Here/There…Idhu / Adhu. Ingu / Angu
So here I am ‘Jack of many…read 5… languages…master of none!’
And friends,as if this was not enough,I still want to learn few foreign languages!
Lets see when I will be able to do it…. 🙂

Power of FREE ;)

Today when I was in one of the hypermarket buying some stuffs,I saw a packet of Maggie being kept in my basket while the shop attendant was transferring things I bought in the poly-cover;it was something which I had not purchased.I said the same to the man on billing counters.On listening this,he said,”Ma’am,it’s free with the coffee packet you purchased”.I said,”cool!” ,took my packet after making the payment and came out of the shop…and all of a sudden was reminded of all the “Free(s)” in past,in and around…!

As I said I got something for “free” and i said “cool”,which implies I was happy and frankly speaking I am always happy when i get something free with something and its a very old habit I would say.Old habits die-hard,and why should this habit die,when there is nothing to lose, in fact I am getting something for free…bole to “muft muft muft” 😀 😛

I very well remember how me and my bro would look out for the offers of  “FREE” in advertisements on television and on kirana shops walls and shelves.But yes we were only interested in things of our interest,though we would give  FREE expert advises on buying stuffs with some thing free to mom and relatives.And many a times it was appreciated and implemented too.Our domain at that time was looking out for offers like free cosco balls,chocolates,games and the likes…

The power of Free 😉 is unimaginable,it is so big and impacting that many a time the purchases are done for the free stuff and not the stuff with which you are getting the FREE :p

And somehow I believe this is true even today,not only in case of me but everyone…Don’t you look out for free memory card while buying a new mobile,freebies when you go to a resort,free membership,free services,free flight tickets,free holidays,free drinks 😉 ,free trade,etc,etc…

Yes,we all do that at different levels,without doubt,yes there are exceptions,but I am talking about normal people here 😛  😉

Snooze Champ

Oh yeah…like everybody even I love a good snooze and I feel all these years of experience of setting up an alarm and then keep it on snooze,is in process of making me a ‘snooze champ’ LOL 😉

I have this god gifted or I have developed this skill in me????Whatever it be,but yes if there was any competition of  finding the “Snooze Champion”,I can very confidently nominate myself and I am sure I can at least reach the finals… 😀

While I draft this post here,I though why not have a poll on a very important aspect of being a ‘snooze champ’…that is how many times has one put one’s alarm on ‘snooze’,what say???? 😉 🙂 😀

Umm… do not take me wrong…I am not promoting Tata Sky here. I just wanted to let you know that how life went “Jhinga Lala” really, when “Tata Sky Lagaya” 😛
The story begins with me cribbing about my inability to follow some of my TV programs in my new apartment because of normal cable connection not having those channels by default here in Chennai. My dearest “Leonardo Da Vincy” came up with his innovative idea of gifting me a Tata Sky connection on his planned visit on last weekend. He needs no occasion to buy gifts for me; nevertheless it was a day he forgot last here :p, so he had to do something really nice and sweet to really impress me .
However I stay in a shared accommodation, and there’s already a cable connection in place, how do we manage this, was my concern. Trust me I had anticipation of a big mess for installation of my gift and I was very much correct.
It all started with me telling my roommates about the connection as a gift, and a not that warm response from them hearing it. I am used that ‘WOW!’ from my roommates on hearing such news and here it was just so opposite .However I am still not sure if it was normal response or not.
Now, came the issue of permission from my PG uncle who was startled on hearing about this, as conveyed to me. I was not less startled on knowing this. The happiness and excitement of using my gift was being shadowed by not so positive happenings.
Anyway went to speak to uncle after getting tips and counseling session from my only philosopher 😉 and guide.I was carrying my best smile on my face and knocked uncle’s door.
I greeted uncle and we sat in his living room. However I did not start with the installation topic and asked if at all uncle was sleeping. He said, no he was just listening to news about Sashii Tharoor’s involvement in Kochi IPL.Myself at my best of awareness started having chit chat on that and other stuffs and then in between I told him, how I was just not able to see all my favorite television programs and how I was gifted this satellite TV connection and uncle should let me know what concerns he had. Uncle at his best, started advising me how these satellite TV companies are fooling consumer of their money and that it is really not worth. He advised me if I can still return the connection. He also raised a doubt of the uselessness of the box, once I leave Chennai. Now it was my turn, and I told uncle how I cannot return my purchase and first of all I will be staying in his place for sometime now and moreover I will gift this Tata Sky set to him if at all I go; as he had told in his conversation how his son would sometime ask him for it and how he would convince him of it worthlessness. Smile on my face, and the non egoistic “Gandhigiri” approach, somehow gave me the “sign off” for getting the installation done.
Then came the evening, when the technician came to do installation.PG uncle and auntie very much concerned about every corner of their accommodation and in love with its walls, paint on them, the woods had already told me to let them know when the technicians come. The cable connection from the dish antenna had to be brought inside our living room, passing the balcony.
According to technician’s plan, the cable would be neatly fixed on the wall with the help of small nails. When uncle got to know about it, he was raised an objection, as according to him this will damage the wall. The technician tried hard convincing uncle and auntie but in vain. Uncle gave him alternatives of drilling wooden plugs and then nailing a hook and uses it to support and pass cable in balcony. However the technician said, they are only given some standard utilities which is sufficient. In between uncle advised me to raise this concern with Tata Sky consumer grievances, as such constraints are not expected out of Tata’s.Somehow everyone came to a conclusion of the way to bring the cables in and then the technician started doing rest of the activities. The technician, who was by that time really irritated, said something really big, generally not expected out of a person of his level. He told me how he does not like people like my PG owner who are so fussy and who want bricks and woods to last for ever. He said, only good soul and good words last for ever! I was dumbfounded listening this from him. It took another hour to complete the installation activity and I had the “Tata Sky” remote in my hand to surf the channels and take pleasure in my gift, whose realization went through a roller coaster ride.

Awful Saturday

I am in office today on a Saturday, and that’s what makes it so awful. After all I had been waiting for Friday night to come for four long days and how can I be asked to be in office on a Saturday. It’s just so painful to hear it when I just even can’t bear to think about it.

I had plans of sleeping without setting up an alarm today, but this request to be in office to render my support to the client made me get up at 8 and be here in office on an inherently sweet and lazy Saturday morning…huh!

It was just two days back I was just sharing my ideal working situation to my roommate…for the uninitiated, it should have a mid week holiday on Wednesday, the office start time should be by 11 and one can leave by maximum 5-6; the two days weekend off should remain as it is with due respect to its historical existence [wink].

I know this is too much to expect from life, err corporate managers, however “Saturday, Sunday ko to chutti banta hai yaar”.

Chennai’s Auto Rickshaw

All those who have been in Chennai at any point of time might have started imagining their experiences. I have stayed in many Indian cities and understand that traveling in auto in India is an art [wink], however believe me one forgets all the expertise learnt in one’s lifetime when in Chennai.

Like many other Indian cities, here in Chennai too, we have two species of autos, one is called the “shared auto” and the other umm… let’s call it “privileged auto”; these are the autos in which one sits and travels after a set of suggested procedures, which someone known to you would advise. This nomenclature is not only because I had to define it, also because it’s access for the fortunate. You need to have ready cash in bulk all the time to sit and travel in Chennai’s “privileged autos”.

Whilst writing here I just thought why don’t these auto walas install swipe machines in the autos, because the manner they demand and the manner they will never settle for the amount you approved on the first place; the non functional meter could be replaced with a swipe machine, which will accept the Credit cards or Debit cards. The value will never be a trouble since most of the times tariff will be in denominations of 100.

This will also come as a boon in cover up for individuals who have to get their travel bills reimbursed, if we want to travel by “privileged auto”, and aim to get the amount reimbursed from the finance dept in office, it’s sure that we will be laughed at the amount we ask. No one will be in agreement to the amount in the bill we produce and we will not have any way to prove it. With payments by Credit Cards, we will have a bill as an authentication that we were indeed traveling in an Auto and not a BMW.

Although there are officially set rates, auto rickshaw drivers use them more as a guideline. Using their own parameters, the drivers will adjust the price by the location one is going to, whether the auto rickshaw driver believes he can get a ride back, and how much the driver would like to charge you for not being from Chennai!

To the driver, we should always mention the location we want to go, and then ask him how much he will charge! What I am following here “DO NOT GET INTO THE AUTO UNTIL YOU HAVE SETTLED ON A PRICE”. However there have been instances where suddenly our privileged vehicle’s driver will stop and say give me this much money more then only I will go ahead or step out of auto here itself.
After all it’s his Mercedes in which you forcefully barged in and asked him to drive and now he just realized that he is more powerful than you and after all he’s from the land of Rajnikant, whose stunts they are in awe of and can be applied at any time. And yes it’s a crime if you do not know Tamil; you being the culprit, is supposed to bear the grunt, what even if they know the language familiar to both of you; it will be only used while making you sit in the auto, and shall never be used later in any case. Yes this is what I feel in all the uncalled instances I happened to experience in my tryst with Chennai’s auto walas.

Now coming to Chennai’s “shared autos”. The way Auto Drivers drive their Autos here, you wonder if it’s a Ferrari or Lamborghini steering they have their hands on, I anticipate those who have experienced will agree.

The shared auto drivers take the stunts to a different level and can give the folks who showcase their skills at the Republic Day parade a run for their money [wink]. The shared Auto is marginally bigger than your normal auto but the driver seems to think he is driving a bus. The average number of people in a shared auto can be anything from 8-10 with a few adventurous drivers stretching the limits by sacrificing their seating space too.

Every single time I sit in a shared auto here, I have my fingers crossed and I feel like that I am a part of a Grand Apollo Circus or something like being one of passenger in the auto aka airplane.

Last but not the least let me make it clear that I do not intend to criticize Chennai or its people in any means. I am here for some time now and having a good time in the city and I like it in many ways. It was an endeavor to add some wittiness to a factual and unfair state of the Auto Walas in Chennai.

‘au revoir’ shopping :(

This is the instance of year whilst we glance inside ourselves and craft commitments for humanizing ourselves and our lives in the impending year. I, like millions of others, want to make and accomplish something in my New Year’s resolutions; however this time what tops in my list is my resolution to not do shopping… Just fifteen days back when suddenly I was asked to move to another city as part of my services to my company, apart from other things to do list before I leave my then place of accommodation, there was a task of packing my stuffs I collected over 3 years… I had three big bags with me when I shifted to that place and now when its time to leave, what I have in front of me is stuffs more than six such bags. From where did all these things come…the question is not tough to answer. It’s the result of all the mood shopping I did in the past. I am a kind of person who will do shopping not only when I am feeling low and also who will barge in the mall when I am really happy. Better to say, I just don’t need a reason to do shopping. I remember myself putting my orkut status as “Whoever said money can’t buy happiness simply didn’t know where to go shopping.” It was then when I had to pack my things I realized what a cake of trouble I baked for myself… This year, my movement has tested my resolve more than any other. I will try to stick to my resolution.

It’s tough,believe me it’s really tough…I will still try my level best…Wish me luck.

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