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What will happen tomorrow?will I be able to do it again,what I did last time?




To be honest,I do not know 😛

Okay,let me make myself clear…its about my status tomorrow in swimming pool,when I will be told to jump in pool without swimming tube…I have been practicing with submersible tube in my last six classes and have also been observing others who were scared too when it was their turn as it will be mine tomorrow.

Last class,the trainer asked me to remove the tube and prompted me to cross the pool,and I crossed the pool from one side to other,on the shallower portion…however I am not sure how I did it :P,it just happened by fluke,did I really swim and can I swim again????

That’s a million dollar question,whose answers I will get in pool itself,and that’s what I am so scared about 😦

I was just watching some you tube videos for swimming lessons,when my roommate,who knows swimming,said it’s so funny 😀 ,but then I can see thousand of videos and thousand page visits there,so I am not funny alone 😛 😉

I know its funny to learn swimming online :P,but there are many professionally made videos out there and my only reason to see them was that extra preparation,so that I do not fail err drown 😦 😛

I feel very sleepy when I finish swimming,however the nigh before,that is today I have lost my sleep…

Now I can do nothing ,but sleep and go for swimming classes in morning…

Wish me luck!

P.S.I am sure I will be dreaming about swimming toning 😛


it’s okay

I am a kind of person who believes it is very unfair to make generalized assumptions about anything,specifically human beings.

Many a times I am into serious conversations with people,asserting,how one should not have pre-conceived notion about somebody just because you inferred something from somebody similar.Its is very natural for every body I guess to have experiences good as well as bad with people we interact in day to day life and then consciously or sub-consciously create an image about a class of people,by just having an experience of few from that class.

By class I mean anything;it can be men having opinion about women,women on men,one generation of people on another,people from one state on people of another state,people speaking language-x on people speaking language-y,students of college-a on students of college-b,residents of country-I on residents of country-P,etc etc etc...The list will be never ending,isn't it?

I hope all will agree,many a times we all make such comments and or frame certain opinions and also many a times differ from somebody on their opinions,and all this is very much humane,I would say!

Now,why am I justifying it,you would wonder!Well that's because though I myself refrain from such generic assumption because of interaction with few corrupted samples out a big lot,however I have also realized there is some sort of genuine truth behind any such opinion;because after all,when there is a class of people,it means they are/were part of some sort of common upbringing,environment,society,education,culture,influences etc etc. and then there has to be some impact of these on humankind. 

And we are sometimes pointing fingers at others and sometimes fingers are pointed at us,and this is my mortal limit of understanding in this regard.

And I feel it's okay,and many a times such experiences gives us as opportunity to be both rationale and irrational;introspection and accusations;feel and make-feel,see and show...laugh at or being laughed about...learn or make others learn a about someone or be someone talked about...its a game where you are the player as well as spectator!

cooking is indeed a stress buster!

Well I knew it,however this was not coming to my little brain,last week,when I was really stressed due to some unforeseen incidents that happened…but now no more brooding I thought and after coming back from my planned ECR drive in morning,I thought of cooking and today being Saturday,it was easy for me to decide,what to cook…no prizes for guessing…it was ‘khichdi and aloo-chokha’ 🙂

All my room mates (ex and present ) will vouch about this combo being made their favorites too, especially on Saturdays.After the sumptuous meal it was time for siesta and trust me I felt refreshed when I got up.

Evening was spent in front of the ‘idiot-box’ sipping tea and somehow I wanted to cook again,as it was really helping me :),so menu for the dinner was ‘mix-veg-with a twist’ and chapati.

Dinner is ready and so is the blog’s post with all the deserved visuals 🙂

I am sure many of you who love cooking and believe that cooking is a stress buster will not forget to try cooking at such times!
P.S.Recepie on demand 🙂

There is a verb “live” and a noun “life”, either of which when used alone makes no impact as much as their usage together; that is “Live Life” This is a small but a strong and complete statement in its own!

When we hear “Live Life”, we all visualize the fun we can have in our lives and another tick in our wish list(s).Yeah!, it is absolutely natural and normal, however don’t you think that living life should honestly be identified with some extraordinary event in an ordinary life?

There are just 5 letters appended before “ordinary” to make it “extraordinary”, nonetheless this “extra” something (read many things) makes ordinary, extraordinary. An extra mile, an extra attempt and an extra consideration makes ordinary extraordinary!

Life often throws up troubles. Coping well is a route of preference and obvious thoughts that determines our worth of life. Standpoint and deed are keys to coping.

Everyone faces difficulties in their lives. Doing something about issues that affect us, in spite of how we feel, is empowering.

Herein I want to quote Bob Dylan Trouble lyrics: Trouble in the city,

“Trouble in the city, trouble out in the farm/you got your rabbit’s foot/you got your good-luck charm. But they can’t help you none, when there’s trouble.”

Yes, both the problem and the solution lies with us!I know some ordinary people and their extraordinary way of “living life” makes me say this and is too ‘awe inspiring’ to keep it within myself.

“No one lives on the top of the mountain. It’s fine to go there occasionally —for inspiration, for new perspectives. But you have to come down. Life is lived in the valleys. That’s where the farms and gardens and orchards are, and where the plowing and the work is done. That’s where you apply the visions you may have glimpsed from the peaks”,said Arthur Gordon. And I completely second this myself,as I relate to myself being the witness of a life around me which I genuinely consider,”Living Life”

One of such person is my maternal uncle,whose way of “living life” is something which has influenced me like any thing. He was barely in his late teens when his father (and my maternal grandfather) expired. He was then the head of the family with responsibility and liabilities of four younger siblings. With no support from anybody around, he believed in himself and gradually grew both financially and spiritually. All the responsibilities of being the eldest were taken care of and life looked like following an ideal trail in due course. He was married to a beautiful lady and he was blessed with a lovely daughter and an adorable son; nothing could have been as sweet as this!

However God has His ways of making his presence felt. Both children were diagnosed with a form of cerebral palsy, wherein they were least likely to be able to walk and take care of themselves at any point of time in their life.The only bright thing was the kids having really sound mental abilities, in fact more than kids of their age;

( though it is not justified to compare them in present times (they being in their teens) with others because of the difference in level of exposure and education of normal kids and them.).But I still identify both the kids as really smart ones,inheriting many qualities of their father

Let me tell you,it might look easy from outside the window,but I know this personally how difficult it is to take care of such special children.And the difference is they are not just taken care of by fulfilling the basic requirements for their survival but also being given an opportunity to learn,study and grow as much as possible.If he would have just made efforts to survive,it would have been still be viewed as a big effort but according to him, that situation of minimum survival is like “given up” and would have been permanent;but his attitude is to keep recovering from the his injuries and start afresh,and when this the way of living this is in real sence “Live Life” realized.Life is not the way it’s supposed to be. It’s the way it is. The way we deal with it is what makes the difference.

Life looks too long in such situations and ordinary people succumb to such atrocities from God!But this man,showed everyone around how an ordinary person like him can be too tough to perish!He not only accepted that difficult situation,he lived live with beauty;made all efforts to provide education to his children,make them learn computers,fulfilling their wishes,and on top of this,made sure that he also fulfils his other worldly duties expected in normal circumtances.In fact a perfect example of an ideal son,brother,husband father and friend.

Till date he goes out of way to make sure that he does everything which he should do and he does this with elan!I have witness all this and I believe this is called “Living Life” and I believe I can never pen down my imbibed feelings I have for this “extraordinary life” which has touched my life in many ways!

And his life is a real example of a quote from Claude Pepper, “Life is like riding a bicycle. You don’t fall off unless you plan to stop peddling”

Though this is my third south Indian state,I never felt the need of learning the local language as much as I felt its need in my stay in Chennai.
Yes,people…before Chennai I have stayed in Hyderabad and then Bangalore,however in both these cities,I never felt the need to learn Telugu or Kannada respectively as much as I felt its necessity in Chennai.
Nevertheless,I have interest in learning the languages and somehow I manage to catch the meaning of languages,if I listen to it with concentration.And I am thankful of my knowledge of Sanskrit,learnt in school.Though I never scored great in it… :P…And I still remember what our Sanskrit teacher used to say about power of Sanskrit knowledge.
Snap!coming to present times or better to say starting from period of my entry in south India…on my rendezvous with languages Telugu,Kannada and at present Tamil;
I always wanted to learn these languages,however could not learn them to be make fluent use of them.
I remember pestering few of my college friends in Hyderabad to teach me Telugu and in fact they taught me too.First thing I learnt was counting numbers in Telugu…ookati,rendu,mudu,nalgu…. :)then some sentences like…,”what is your name?”’s translated as “nee peru enti?”;”bagunara”, “bagunawa”,”matladtadu”,”ivu”,”chappu”,”nidrostundi”,”kuchchu”…and the famous “Entraa!” heard in college days!
Our college had good mix of people from different states and life was easy with Hindi and English and some times the indigenous local Hyderabadi Hindi…”Sahi boltun na!” 😀
However,gradually the initial interest in learning the language,became less and also one of my Telugu friend in college said,she should not teach me any more Telugu,as they will then not be able to speak anything and everything in Telugu when they were in my room with my room-mate 😦 Though they still do not know I somehow managed to understand the gist of their conversation 😉 😛
Some Telugu sentence which I still remember…
Neeku telugu vachchaa/thelusa?
Do you know telugu?
Meeku telugu vachchaa/thelusa?
Do you know telugu? (to elders)
Naaku telugu raadhu/thelidhu.
I don’t know Telugu.
Em chestunnav? (‘Emi chestunaru’ is more formal)
What are you doing?
Nee peru emiti??
What is your name?
Hitech city ki vasthava?? (To ask an autowala)
Will you come to Hitech city?
Inka okka sari cheppu
Tell once more
After Telugu it was time for Kannada…yes though in Bangalore,language is not much of problem,and in my group in Tech Mahindra,most of them being Kannada,they would though not let me feel out-of-place by speaking in Kannada when I am there,but some how I tried listening to their conversation,and gradually learnt quite lot of Kannada…
Some of sentences I learnt in Kannada…
What is your name?…Ninna hesarenu?/ Ninna hesaru yenu?
Did you have your lunch?…Oota madhidheya?/ oota aayitha?
How are you?…Hegiddhiya?/ Neenu heghiddhiya?
I am fine…Nanu chenagiddene.
Why are they late for the meeting?…Avaru meetingige yaake thadavadharu?
How did you come?…Neenu hege bandhe?
And the latest experience of being in Chennai,the need of knowing Tamil is felt when I have to negotiate for an auto,when I have to buy something from a local grocery shop,when I have to order for my evening snacks in office,when I have to ask for some help in finding an address,when I have to instruct my maid for something,when I have to….Yes!it is a never-ending list…Though I do not have much of Tamil speaking company here,I started learning Tamil;just for your information my room mates are Mallus and I am sure by the time I leave this place,I would have learnt Malyalam too 🙂 😛
Coming to my a b c d of Tamil…It starts daily in morning with me trying to get an auto…I use names of places without using any other word in English or Hindi or Tamil,Thank God! names of places are the same in all languages…Then I say “evaalavu”,which means “how much”;then if the auto fellow gives some numbers…Thank God!till date all of them used English number system or sign language,and then if I feel it is more,I say “Anna!  jyasti”…means “Brother! it’s more”…then I say,”Anna fifty sollunga!” which means “Brother! say fifty”….Phew!this is how I get an auto and then “Néraa ponga! Idathu/Valathu thirumpunga”,which means “Go straight! then turn left/ right!”…I hope none of auto walas read this ;)…but I feel they are smart enough to make out I am not Tamilian…
Few more sentences I learnt in Tamil…
Good/ Bad/ So-So…Nallathu / Mosam / Appadithaan.
Big/ Small…Periya / Chinna
Today/ Now…Indru / Ippothu
Tomorrow/ Yesterday…Naalai / Nétru
Yes/ No…Amaam / illai
Here you go! (when giving something)…Indhaa.
Do you like it?…unakku idhu pidikkuthaa?
I really like it!…Enakku idhu romba pidikkuthu.
I’m hungry/ thirsty…Enakku pasi / thagam irukku.
In The Morning/ Evening/ At Night…Kalaiyil / Maalaiyil / Rathri (or) iravil
This/ That. Here/There…Idhu / Adhu. Ingu / Angu
So here I am ‘Jack of many…read 5… languages…master of none!’
And friends,as if this was not enough,I still want to learn few foreign languages!
Lets see when I will be able to do it…. 🙂

Driving Again!

After a busy schedule on a business tour and flying from Texas to Florida, moving ahead to Paris and then back to London, I took the next flight to Chennai and then moved to Chetpet, Nungambakkam in a private jet, only to suddenly awaken up out of the faraway tiny day-dream, I finally managed to reach and do formalities of joining car driving classes at L’Man’s driving school at Chetpet which is hardly 2 kilometres from the place I stay in Nungambakkam.And yes I took an auto rickshaw for twenty rupees to reach there 😉
Yes friends, though it was not such a ‘fundoo’ business trip but honestly I was busy and it was not only work that was keeping me busy, it was also a list of TV programs, plentiful sleep and my laziness.
However after getting several numbers of car driving schools in Chennai from useful sites in Indian context, like and and subsequent calls, queries and enquiries, I finally managed to join L’Man’s driving school in Chetpet because they were the only one in my locality who had provision of pick up and drop, though this facility came up with a little addition in the cost involved when compared with other driving school. However it is acceptable and was a desired facility because first of all, this endeavour of learning car driving requires me to get up at least one and half hour earlier than my so-called daily schedule in morning and if I had to go on my own, just the thought of getting up early and then the overhead of taking an auto to and fro, the driving school would have been a never starting affair.
So it finally started yesterday with the trainer allowing me to sit on the driver’s seat and giving me gyan about gear, clutch, brake, accelerator, wiper and indicator(s). It was a warm up session, I would say.
And today morning I was allowed to start the car and yes drive it too. Some initial confusion in changing gears and simultaneous release of clutch, I was pretty good and confident while driving. We drove the car in the area near by my place for around half an hour and I was dropped outside my apartment. I felt good and was reminded of my happiness in school days, when I was able to balance my bicycle for the first time and second time when I as able to ride my ‘Bajaj Spirit’.
When I mention about my bicycle and scooterette, I point out one thing in common between them apart from my happiness in learning to drive them; and the common string in both cases is the colour. Yes both of them were ‘wine red’ in colour and I love this colour in general and in particular for a vehicle. So will I be able to buy a car of the same colour? Let’s see, hopefully I shall update you all about it.
Till then,
“Heureux et en sécurité de conduite”
“Feliz y seguro de conducer”
“Gelukkig en veilig rijden”
“Khush aur surakshit driving”
“Happy and safe driving”.

Better late than never…

“Better late than never”…yes, finally I was able to donate blood! It was moment of utter gratification for me, and I am sure you’ll believe me because I am a person who is just frightened of needles and syringes.

I was very young when I got to know from my aunt about people donating blood. I really felt great about those who used to do that on a frequent basis. This donation is just incomparable and the feeling is just so high; which I wouldn’t have realized until I myself donated blood in December last year.

In the past somehow or other I just could not donate my very own “B+” blood because of this reason or other.

And this time it had to be done; I was damn so eagerly waiting for the event to take place in my new office. I was amongst first set of seven people to donate blood that day.

After filling a set of mandatory questionnaires, we were supposed to get our weights and blood checked.

One’s determination and excitement doesn’t eliminate one’s fears but yes it does lessen it. I literally shout and run away seeing syringes but that day I managed to go myself to the people concerned, get my blood group verified and hemoglobin checked and then allow someone to pierce that thick long needle to pour out blood out of my veins.

As usual my face speaks everything and all those who passed by me asked me the same question:” first time?” I was asked to be relaxed and keep pressing and releasing a stress ball in other hand. It seems it helps,and so I followed at instructed.

After around 15-20 minutes I was told its done and then that thick long needle was removed and an antiseptic cotton kept and on top of a bandage; and Yippee ! I was successful in my blood donation venture.

The act of giving blood is often said to be a purely altruistic act, something that we do out of the goodness of our hearts, for the benefits of others. Certainly most ad campaigns for blood emphasize this altruistic quality.

That day I congratulated myself with this message when I was giving blood, but I didn’t really believe it: we do things because they make us feel good, and donating blood, it seems, is no different.

I read somewhere that some researchers at some University surveyed nearly 1000 prospective donors, and looked at the effect of two different types of message on willingness to help, for both committed and uncommitted blood donors. The messages were either “benevolent”, meaning that both donor and recipient benefit from donation, or “altruistic”, where only the recipient benefits.

The results of the surveys found that beliefs in personal, rather than societal, benefit predicted actual future donation.

In other words, the best explanation for why people donate blood is benevolence – that is, both the donor and recipient benefit from the act.

And committed blood donors were more willing to donate blood when exposed to a benevolent message rather than an altruistic one.

I was very happy on successful beginning of my blood donation plan and would try to be a blood donor whenever I can…

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