I was finally in my flat in Hyderabad,tired like hell and anything I needed was a peaceful sleep,but what do I hear…anklet sounds with some time interval…the origin of sound looked like the lift lobby;I was alone and too tired to get up and investigate…I ignored and it and slept,thought I would confess I was scared,not assuming it to be some ghost or something (trust me I don’t believe in ghosts :p),but you would agree that there would be obvious fear of the unknown and that too something like that of anklet sound at such late hours…

However the next night again,I hear the same sound and the ‘brave me’ thought of finding it out;I tried to follow the direction of sound and went downstairs,to find the security guard carrying a bunch of keys and walking in the lobby;I concluded that the sound must be because of these men walking with the bunch of keys and being playful in between.Totally convinced,I started ignoring the sound (very feeble sound,but being night, you can’t ignore).

Life was peaceful err soundful 😛 ,till me with my in law and husband happened to go for late night walk and me sharing with them how the sound coming,audible to them too kept me awake and how I found out the reason.However when we went down we could not see the guard with the keys,but still the sound kept on coming…Next day I was at home and the sound was audible in day time too…
The possibilities crossed out were the bunch of keys;the cycle bell(which was the next assumption,as we saw a security guard riding a bicycle with a bell and he using them at times),this was ruled out because the same sound kept on coming even in day time.

Next few days,came different probable reasons/source of the sound…like wind chimes in somebody’s house,some sound making toy tied to to some kid’s stroller,and yes may be if ghost really exist who has all the time to wander around my flat all night and now day time too :P.

Consciously or subconsciously even I kept on thinking about it till today morning…the day when the mystery was about to unfold…I was getting ready for office,when suddenly the sound heard was from a close distance,and I turned to see a pair of pigeon on the washrooms ventilator.I tried to go close,then the pigeons flew and sat on the opposite ventilator of the neighbors washroom and to my amazement what I see is the source of the sound in the feet one of the pigeons.Yes,one of the pigeons had tiny anklets in both its feet and whenever this pigeon moves,flies,walks in and around my flat/bedroom window,I hear that,I cant stop myself from saying in Hindi ‘Payal ki Jhankar’ 😛 ( sound of the anklets) I would have not believed it if I would not have seen it,and to make others believe I took a picture of the pair and I could make out they were liking the attention they were getting;as I had called my parents in law to witness my discovery.

Finally the mystery was solved and I could relax mentally,though the sound keeps coming then and now,however knowing the reason,I find it sweet now 😛 :D.

This whole episode was an interesting,intriguing experience for me and people around me,so thought why not write it down…

Good Night every body and the pigeon with anklets 🙂

PS. Please carefully look at the feet of the darker pigeon,it has anklets in its feet….