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Paw bhaji for breakfast 😤

Looks like I am on cooking and blogging spree 😉

Today we made paw bhaji for breakfast 😊…

Taste is still lingering and shall update the recipe later (may be on demand) 😎

Till then picture for your eyes 😊😉

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ta-da,so here’s the recipe(for 4 people):

Pressure cook mixed vegetables like:3 medium sized potatoes(peeled),2-3 small brinjals,2 carrots,i cup of shredded cabbage,1 capsicum,2 tomatoes with a tablespoon of turmeric,salt(to taste),red chilly powder and a cup of water.After 3-4 whistles,remove from heat.
Place a sauce pan on fire and heat 4 tablespoon of vegetable oil,saute 1 cup of chopped onion,once translucent,add 2 tablespoon of ginger garlic paste.Then add paw bhaji masala powder (I use Everest paw bhaji masala).
Then add the boiled vegetables,fry for some time ,also mashing the vegetables simultaneously.
Cook till you get smooth consistency.Garnish with fresh chopped coriander leaves.

Serve with paw toasted with butter and chopped raw onion and lemons.

Hope you cook and enjoy this!!


makki di roti sarso da saag

Thanks to kind of winters in Hyderabad😊,we feel like having some winter special delicasies…and top in the list of favourites is ‘makki di roti sarso da saag’ 😊

And cooking them is also not so difficult!

Having said that,it was today’s dinner for us 😊

Here is the simple recipe for the tastiest combo😊

Saag:wash and chop the greens,which includes 6 bunches of sarso,3 bunches of palak,bathua and radish leaves…sarso being double the amount other greens.pressure cook all the greens with a cup of water,one large tomato,ginger,garlic,chilly,turmeric,garam masala and salt to taste.

Once tender and cooked,let it cool and grind the mixture in grinder in granular texture.

Place a pan on fire,heat a tablespoon of ghee,throw two-three red chillies and two large tablespoon of chopped onion and one tablespoon of chopped garlic,once translucent,mix the cooked green paste and cook for some time.

Makke ki roti:mix 3 cups of cornmeal with half cup of wheat flour and a teaspoon of salt.with almost 2 cups of warm water,make dough.Roll this dough between two layers of plastic sheet and cook them on heating pan with ghee.

Serve saag with makke(cornmeal) ki roti.

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Pittha:A Bihari delicacy

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So,when I got strawberries in the grocery store of my new neighborhood,I just bought a packet to just eat them sometime in evening,however the they were destined to be treated better 🙂 …I love this fruit…its sweet, like a candy, but at the same time slightly tangy, and sour. they have a grainy but smooth taste….In fact I can say I am having experiences like strawberries this year… Hmm quite a good metaphor!

So here come my quick Strawberry and Cream Recipe…

I took 1 cup heavy whipping cream(Amul fresh cream,to be more specific :),
1/3 cup sugar,
then I took some fresh strawberries, washed them, remove the stems, and put them in the food processor until they become a thick liquid,
Whipped cream until it looks like whipped cream,
Mixed in sugar,
Mix in strawberries until just combined,
And finally topped it up with cut pieces of strawberries and kept it freezer for 10 minutes before I put a big spoon of dessert in my mouth…it was heaven… ❤

PS.I have an illustrated picture for your reference 🙂

Two to Tango

Two to tango,and this time it was me and mangoes,with background of cream+vanilla ice-cream,guest appearance of sweet black grapes and entry of honey at the climax…and the expert feedback in self appreciation…

“It was YUMMY!”

Lunch with Nishant

“Meeting old friends after a long time, we see with surprise how they have changed, and must imagine, despite the mirror’s lies, that change is upon us, too.”
“The Faces of Children” by Elizabeth Spires

Yes it was almost after 3 years I was meeting Nishant aka Nishu…The meeting was planned a day in advance with his demand of having lunch at my place and not in restaurant. And on top of it,the menu of the lunch should be chicken curry :P,huh!As I am vegetarian from quite some time,I was reluctant in cooking non vegetarian food ,so somehow I convinced him for a lavish vegetarian lunch.
It was a Saturday and Nishant was reminded about the lunch when I got up. I asked him to reach latest by 2 in afternoon. I started cooking and my almost 2 hours of non stop effort in kitchen I was ready with a spread of dishes which included chana masala,paneer pasanda,paratha,boondi raita,rice and salad.
I was ready on time and called Nishant to find out where he was;and as expected Mr.Nishant was late and he sent a sms that he is on his way and will be there in my place in some time. His ‘some’ time became so much time that he who was expected to reach at 2 reached my place 3:30…Old habits die hard 😛
We were meeting after almost 3 years yesterday however the gap was in no way a reason for any sort of formalities between friends. Soon after relaxing with a lemonade we had lunch as both of us were really hungry. Lunch was accompanied with comments,appreciations,memoirs of college days.
Lunch followed with chit chat on so many things,catching up with each other’s lives and how all of us have changed in looks and behavior.
It was just wonderful and we did not realize when it was evening and Nishant had to leave then. It was good meeting up with Nishant again after such a long time!
Speaking about being glad to meet up with old friends, I feel so old now. *sigh* I’m old enough to have ‘old’ friends.

Instant Aloo Dam :)

One of the very nicest things about life is the way we must regularly stop whatever it is we are doing and devote our attention to eating. Yes and equally true is that nothing would be more tiresome than eating and drinking if God had not made them a pleasure as well as a necessity.
Now with these two lines you must have got an idea that am gonna write something about food. I am a foodie and there’s no doubt about it however I relish cooking and eating when I have a company,however as its not always happens what we want. It was a lazy day for me,I was not so well and got up late….by late I mean really late and was hungry.

I did a control+f 😛 for the available raw materials and I had potato,tomato,onion,garlic,chillies,spices,rice and curd. I had sufficient ingredients for “aloo dam”.So get set go…I chopped onion,tomato,garlic and chillies;boiled potato,peeled it;washed rice and yes I was ready with the things to start cooking.

Karhai on fire,mustard oil in it and there went the tempering ingredients(cumin seeds,bay leaf,chopped garlic and red chillies);then the chopped onions. Fried them till they turned red and then tomato,turmeric,chilly powder,coriander powder. Then the entry of potatoes;all thing mixed well,cooked for some time and then a cup of water,salt and a teaspoon of garam massala. Karhai covered with lid and the curry allowed to simmer for some time.
And in another five minute my “aloo dam” was ready. I already had rice cooked parallely on another burner.And believe me my sumptuous lunch was ready in just forty minutes.

I had an awesome lunch with a style,and to make you all believe it please find the photos too 😉 :P.

Many of my friends keep saying me to share recipes,so this is it for all of you 🙂

Bon Appétit 🙂

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