Thanks to kind of winters in Hyderabad😊,we feel like having some winter special delicasies…and top in the list of favourites is ‘makki di roti sarso da saag’ 😊

And cooking them is also not so difficult!

Having said that,it was today’s dinner for us 😊

Here is the simple recipe for the tastiest combo😊

Saag:wash and chop the greens,which includes 6 bunches of sarso,3 bunches of palak,bathua and radish leaves…sarso being double the amount other greens.pressure cook all the greens with a cup of water,one large tomato,ginger,garlic,chilly,turmeric,garam masala and salt to taste.

Once tender and cooked,let it cool and grind the mixture in grinder in granular texture.

Place a pan on fire,heat a tablespoon of ghee,throw two-three red chillies and two large tablespoon of chopped onion and one tablespoon of chopped garlic,once translucent,mix the cooked green paste and cook for some time.

Makke ki roti:mix 3 cups of cornmeal with half cup of wheat flour and a teaspoon of salt.with almost 2 cups of warm water,make dough.Roll this dough between two layers of plastic sheet and cook them on heating pan with ghee.

Serve saag with makke(cornmeal) ki roti.

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