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Paw bhaji for breakfast 😤

Looks like I am on cooking and blogging spree 😉

Today we made paw bhaji for breakfast 😊…

Taste is still lingering and shall update the recipe later (may be on demand) 😎

Till then picture for your eyes 😊😉

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ta-da,so here’s the recipe(for 4 people):

Pressure cook mixed vegetables like:3 medium sized potatoes(peeled),2-3 small brinjals,2 carrots,i cup of shredded cabbage,1 capsicum,2 tomatoes with a tablespoon of turmeric,salt(to taste),red chilly powder and a cup of water.After 3-4 whistles,remove from heat.
Place a sauce pan on fire and heat 4 tablespoon of vegetable oil,saute 1 cup of chopped onion,once translucent,add 2 tablespoon of ginger garlic paste.Then add paw bhaji masala powder (I use Everest paw bhaji masala).
Then add the boiled vegetables,fry for some time ,also mashing the vegetables simultaneously.
Cook till you get smooth consistency.Garnish with fresh chopped coriander leaves.

Serve with paw toasted with butter and chopped raw onion and lemons.

Hope you cook and enjoy this!!


makki di roti sarso da saag

Thanks to kind of winters in Hyderabad😊,we feel like having some winter special delicasies…and top in the list of favourites is ‘makki di roti sarso da saag’ 😊

And cooking them is also not so difficult!

Having said that,it was today’s dinner for us 😊

Here is the simple recipe for the tastiest combo😊

Saag:wash and chop the greens,which includes 6 bunches of sarso,3 bunches of palak,bathua and radish leaves…sarso being double the amount other greens.pressure cook all the greens with a cup of water,one large tomato,ginger,garlic,chilly,turmeric,garam masala and salt to taste.

Once tender and cooked,let it cool and grind the mixture in grinder in granular texture.

Place a pan on fire,heat a tablespoon of ghee,throw two-three red chillies and two large tablespoon of chopped onion and one tablespoon of chopped garlic,once translucent,mix the cooked green paste and cook for some time.

Makke ki roti:mix 3 cups of cornmeal with half cup of wheat flour and a teaspoon of salt.with almost 2 cups of warm water,make dough.Roll this dough between two layers of plastic sheet and cook them on heating pan with ghee.

Serve saag with makke(cornmeal) ki roti.

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Gajar ka halwa

Gajar ka halwa or carrot pudding has been one of the most favorite sweet dish of me and my parents; my father is a big fan of it. In India especially during the months of November, December, January we get those good red big size carrots which make best gajar halwas.
Ever since out of for studying eating the authentic halwa had become occasional yearly affair, that is only when I am at my mom’s place. This year as my mom said,she already made it almost 5-6 times 😀

gajarhalwaSince I remember, on the new year eve especially, gajar ka halwa used to be made without fail and we would eat it at around 12 in night…steaming hot gajar halwa while being comfortably warm under blankets in chilly winters of North India.As I say this I am actually visualizing those days…truly nostalgic!

After our wedding, since I have a fully functional kitchen and moreover since I miss those childhood days and traditions…this year I wanted to relive and enjoy halwa on the new year eve…Set out on my endeavor to make gajar halwa…got the recipe from my Mom and in almost 1 hour which includes preparation time,I was able to make it and guess what it turned out to be delicious 🙂 😛 and was certified by none other than my husband and friends!

So here is my gajar ka halwa recepie:


• Carrots 8-10 medium

• Cashewnuts 5-6

• Almonds 5-6

• Raisins 10-15

• Pure ghee 3 tablespoons

• Milk 2 cups

• Green cardamom powder 1/4 teaspoon

• Milk maid condensed milk can or Mawa (khoya) 1 cup (I used milk maid condensed milk)

• Sugar 3/4 cup

Peel, wash and grate carrots.
Chop cashewnuts.
Blanch almonds in half a cup of hot water for five minutes.
Drain, cool, peel and slice them. Wash raisins and pat them dry.

In a thick-bottomed pan,heat ghee add grated carrots and sauté for five minutes.
Then add milk, green cardamom powder and cook on medium heat for five to six minutes or till the milk evaporates and the carrots are cooked.
Stir in the condensed milk or grated khoya and sugar and cook for two to three minutes or till the sugar melts and mixes well, stirring continuously.
Continue to cook for two minutes more.
Garnish with chopped cashewnuts, sliced almonds and raisins.
Serve hot or at room temperature.

We can store halwa in fridge for a week and reaheat before serving!

World’s best dad

Off late or rather often I find myself talking about my father whenever some instances in day to day life comes which reminds me of what my father would do or used to do or would be doing then and I find myself cherishing those moments! Indeed I can quote;’ Old as she was, she still missed her daddy sometimes’…

The interesting part of this emotive start is most of the memoirs brings smile and are funny too!

Many a times I have said this to my husband and whomsoever I spoke with and the topic of families and childhood days came and when I spoke about my dad that my dad should have born in the current generation seeing his ways of life:

He loves to maintain his ‘social network’ and is quite successful in that without using Facebook, however he does not understand ‘F’ of Facebook or better say ‘I’ of Internet. We including kids in family have tried so many times, but no gain 😥 .He knows only one thing ‘take the print out’ 😉

And when I talk of taking print outs, or rather say habit of collecting information (again something which even I do, but the ways are different), my dad is incomparable. He is very conscious of the current affairs’ related to politics specially, about education, about software and software company news, this one because his kids (we both) are associated with that. He would take paper cuttings and carefully file it, so that he can share them with us, when we meet. So much connected with us, touch wood!

He has keen interest in latest products in market; he loves trying out international brands of clothes and shoes,way more interested than men of his generation ;).We always had all the electronic gadgets in our home, latest with the technology, thanks to dad’s interests!

He likes trying out different and new kind of food, but undoubtedly loves food made by my Mom(his wife 😛 ),though would rarely admit that. My mom would often say even when she’s on deathbed, he would ask her to cook first for the day and then die ;).You know this is their way of showing attachment :D. He’s so foodie (of course, I inherit his this part or almost all part of his nature ;)) that if he has invitation from multiple places for feast on the same day, he would make sure he visits all the places, not only for formality but for eating too :P, he would love to try out some of the spreads all all places, only to end up with an upset stomach but happy otherwise :D. All in the family always have a good laugh on this behavior of my father. The benefit of this habit of dad and awesome culinary skill of Mom was that, we always had privilege of tastiest food at home and even out of home 😀

He’s quite good in interacting with people, be it anybody, even my friend circle…so quite a social person. Give him a chance to interact with a friend and end of day, he would have more of his/her bio-data than me 😉 quite an inquisitive person he’s.

He loves travelling and exploring different places; has travelled a lot in India during his studies and keeps recalling those experiences when visiting those places again or when we go to those places, he would share those days reminisces and such talks are quite refreshing…

I have so many recollections with dad, that I can keep them jotting and it would not end even then…

Today he’s on the way to Hyderabad with Mom and my Masi, Mausa and kiddo cousin Arnav and I am really excited to meet all of them. I would not be missing them for some time now…Hope to have an awesome time in coming few days!

Love you Papa and Love you Mom!

PS. Now these are coming post pokes from Arnav aka Bonnie after his experiences with ‘dad the great’; he was like, I should certainly enter these in the write-up. So his experiences of which me and my bro and all others would agree…when we are travelling by train, dad has to get down at all the stations and take a stroll compulsorily and return with the something or other from the station, especially if that place is famous for some thing: like Agra and ‘Agra ke pethe’,Allahabad and ‘Allahabad ke amrood(guava)’,Nagpur and ‘Nagpur ke santre(oranges)’,etc. When we were very young, we would get scared when train would start and he would not be around, fearing that he might be left behind at the station ;).All in relation would say that, he would only not venture out at stations that would come across in the travel while he’s sleeping ;),a little exaggeration, I know… but this is how family talks happen 😀

And the latest news is dad again wants to learn computers and this time he’s asked bro to bring his old laptop along, so that he can learn :),let’s see how much progress he makes!

Folks, because of huge situational demand and the amount of stories and moments I want to share and keep for records, I will be updating this blog from time to time…

-> The latest development is: My cousin helped my Father to open his Facebook account and dad proudly calls my younger brother, sharing the news of his FB account being opened and now he would get an account setup for our Mom too…the tone was how he got his bank account opened in a new bank and will get one opened for Mom too  😉 😀


So,when I got strawberries in the grocery store of my new neighborhood,I just bought a packet to just eat them sometime in evening,however the they were destined to be treated better 🙂 …I love this fruit…its sweet, like a candy, but at the same time slightly tangy, and sour. they have a grainy but smooth taste….In fact I can say I am having experiences like strawberries this year… Hmm quite a good metaphor!

So here come my quick Strawberry and Cream Recipe…

I took 1 cup heavy whipping cream(Amul fresh cream,to be more specific :),
1/3 cup sugar,
then I took some fresh strawberries, washed them, remove the stems, and put them in the food processor until they become a thick liquid,
Whipped cream until it looks like whipped cream,
Mixed in sugar,
Mix in strawberries until just combined,
And finally topped it up with cut pieces of strawberries and kept it freezer for 10 minutes before I put a big spoon of dessert in my mouth…it was heaven… ❤

PS.I have an illustrated picture for your reference 🙂

awesome lunch!

It could not have been a more better day!

Last Sunday when me and my Canadian friends Kally,Sally and Sonia were picked up by Shirley,my friend at workplace,to first shop for groceries at Reliance Fresh on the way and then cook and eat too 😉

It was planned on Saturday,and I was really not sure if I could really cook with perfection,since no cooking happening since I moved to this new place where I get to eat food made by the cook. I was excited and so were my friends…though I made a boundary beforehand that the food might not turn out well…but this never dampened their spirits!

We reached Shirley’s place by 11:45 and met her ever sweet mother in law,and the 25 days old puppy Tommy,who was so much excited to see all the pretty ladies around him. Shirley’s big house has two big aquariums and three ponds outside full of fishes…coconut trees,mango tress in the backyard and a big kitchen were we were allowed to experiment 😉 our culinary skills. It was such a pleasant change!

Thanks to my experience in outsourcing 😉 activities of peeling and chopping onion and garlic was happily implemented by Sonia,taking out mint and coriander leaves by Kally and Sally. And rest of the initial preparations were managed by me,Shirley and her MIL.

Then began the real cooking,accompanied by me acting as the host of a cooking show 😉 and my viewers and cameramen being the ever enthusiastic trio! In some time we had a good spread of food ready which included matar paneer,palak daal,basmati rice,cucumber raita,potato fry,and fresh mint chutney…and trust me the food was really good :):D And while we were busy eating what we made,Shirley’s MIL made fresh grape juice and mango juice for us…

We could have asked for nothing more:) It was an awesome lunch!

cooking is indeed a stress buster!

Well I knew it,however this was not coming to my little brain,last week,when I was really stressed due to some unforeseen incidents that happened…but now no more brooding I thought and after coming back from my planned ECR drive in morning,I thought of cooking and today being Saturday,it was easy for me to decide,what to cook…no prizes for guessing…it was ‘khichdi and aloo-chokha’ 🙂

All my room mates (ex and present ) will vouch about this combo being made their favorites too, especially on Saturdays.After the sumptuous meal it was time for siesta and trust me I felt refreshed when I got up.

Evening was spent in front of the ‘idiot-box’ sipping tea and somehow I wanted to cook again,as it was really helping me :),so menu for the dinner was ‘mix-veg-with a twist’ and chapati.

Dinner is ready and so is the blog’s post with all the deserved visuals 🙂

I am sure many of you who love cooking and believe that cooking is a stress buster will not forget to try cooking at such times!
P.S.Recepie on demand 🙂

BBQ nation

Now it’s high time I should write about it, write about a restaurant, I would love to go whenever I want to eat a lot 😉 and have good time. And no wonder I would always recommend this to be the place where a planned lunch or dinner should be…

For the first time it was a college friend’s (Rajesh to be specific) as his treat to me and Vincy, on him getting job at Adobe…second time when my manager at Tech Mahindra, Bangalore asked me to recommend a place for team lunch (as you know I am known to be giving nice recommendations ;))…then with my dear friend Andy on his visit from States…then few more visits …then with Ravi sir,Baddy sir and Vincy… last to last month with Vincy dear(on a special day :))…and again last Saturday with my colleagues( Thang and Vipin)of Talisma in Barbeque Nation, Chennai.
For the uninitiated, Barbeque Nation is a chain of restaurants and the place is open till 11:30 pm to 12:30 am (it’s there in Chennai, Bangalore and other cities like New Delhi, Mumbai, Pune etc.) and serves unlimited mouth-watering grilled vegetarian (and non-vegetarian) kebab followed by excellent main course and topped by a selected assortment of desserts….
Every time we have been there, we had to wait a good 30 minutes on an average for our turn after arriving at the place but the wait was more than worth it. In any case, one can make a reservation, especially on weekends, before one visits the place. Barbeque Nation offers everything that one can relate with a fine dining or high-end restaurant. Valet Parking, live singing performances, nice ambience, excellent customer service and its share of USPs.
The USP of Barbeque Nation is that the starters are grilled on the table. So, we can have them hot and watch them being grilled too! This is what you are told by the attendant when you say you are here for the first time; and last Saturday, I did their job by letting Thang and Vipin know about it … 🙂
The starters, usually comprising vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes, are served on the table. You can keep ordering the starters till you decide to save some space in your stomach for the main course and deserts, which are equally good :p … The service is excellent. The main course is well laid-out with a bit of assortment and in deserts we have vanilla, truffle, gulabjamun, mousse, brownies, fruits, tarts,phirnee….
Overall, Barbeque Nation, both in Bangalore and Chennai (and I hope they are equally good in other cities) is a must try for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians.Every time I’d been there I had real good time and would love to go there again and again… 🙂

Another one :)

It was already late and there was no way I could stop somewhere to buy grocery for today, I had no flour in room to make chapatis and to add to situation no clean vessels to do proper cooking. And as this was not enough, I had no instant noodles too. What will I eat for the dinner, was what I kept on thinking right from the moment I took auto till the time I was in kitchen, totally blank…when suddenly an idea hit my creative mind ;).

So here it is of what I did…

Ingredients I had with me: brown bread, onion, tomato, garlic-onion paste, green chillies, capsicum, potato, french beans. egg.
I kept saucepan on fire and just one spoon of butter and in it brown bread, each cut into 6 small rectangle shape(I took 3 breads).I kept saucepan the bread in the pan till it became more brown and crispy.
I chopped one tomato, one potato, four French beans, one onion, one green chili, one capsicum. After removing the bread from saucepan,two tablespoon of butter in it, cummin seeds, green chilies and the chopped onion…fired for some time and then added rest chopped vegetables and ginger garlic paste. mixed well and covered the lid. I kept checking in between if it was done. In some 9-10 minutes the vegetables were kind of cooked, the I added one teaspoon of red chilly powder+Maggie magic masala+one teaspoon of salt, tomato ketchup, pepper powder and the bread(sauté ones) and one egg on top of it. Mixed it properly and in another 2 minutes my dinner was ready and believe me it tasted yummy

But what do we call it…Chalo, I’ll call it ‘ brown bread masala’
I am somebody who doesn’t like bread, but this was something I really enjoyed making and it tasted so good and I found it to be nice comfort food in situation like I was into; at time when you returned from shopping, when you get hunger pangs at midnight, when you have nothing to do and you want to cook and eat what you cooked too ;)…Well enough cases I suppose, isn’t it?

A perfect Sunday morning????

A perfect Sunday morning????Aloo paratha with butter and a cuppa tea in breakfast…and my dil goes mmmm… :)…By now you would have got an idea of me being an ardent “aloo paratha” fan…!And whenever I have a say I would prefer to have them as my Sunday breakfast.As member of my college mess committee I had managed to have them in Sunday breakfast menu in college too :)So last time when somehow after a considerable gap I happened to make them myself,I captured some moments of the great aloo parathas in making… 😛

For making six aloo parathas,all you need is 250 gms of potatoes(boiled,peeled and mashed),chopped green chillies,chopped garlic,chopped onion,chopped green coriander leaves,jeera,salt,chaat masala,black salt,red chili powder,pepper and garam masalafor the filling.Wheat flour dough and ghee+butter.

Heat ghee in karhai,add jeera+chillies+garlic and then after some time chopped onion…fry until red and then add salt(according to taste)+black salt+chili powder+mashed potato and mix well.After some time add chat masala,pepper,garam masala (according to taste) and chopped green corriander.Now prepare saucer shapes with the dough,as seen in the pics.fill them with the prepared fillings and flatten them carefully into round parathas.Now on the heated tava,goes the paratha and along with it ghee on both sides after few minutes.Cooked properly on both sides…aloo paratha are ready one after another…. 🙂

Serve them with butter,curd/yoghurt/raita and tea…..And this how an awesome Sunday breakfast is made and enjoyed… 🙂

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