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World’s best dad

Off late or rather often I find myself talking about my father whenever some instances in day to day life comes which reminds me of what my father would do or used to do or would be doing then and I find myself cherishing those moments! Indeed I can quote;’ Old as she was, she still missed her daddy sometimes’…

The interesting part of this emotive start is most of the memoirs brings smile and are funny too!

Many a times I have said this to my husband and whomsoever I spoke with and the topic of families and childhood days came and when I spoke about my dad that my dad should have born in the current generation seeing his ways of life:

He loves to maintain his ‘social network’ and is quite successful in that without using Facebook, however he does not understand ‘F’ of Facebook or better say ‘I’ of Internet. We including kids in family have tried so many times, but no gain 😥 .He knows only one thing ‘take the print out’ 😉

And when I talk of taking print outs, or rather say habit of collecting information (again something which even I do, but the ways are different), my dad is incomparable. He is very conscious of the current affairs’ related to politics specially, about education, about software and software company news, this one because his kids (we both) are associated with that. He would take paper cuttings and carefully file it, so that he can share them with us, when we meet. So much connected with us, touch wood!

He has keen interest in latest products in market; he loves trying out international brands of clothes and shoes,way more interested than men of his generation ;).We always had all the electronic gadgets in our home, latest with the technology, thanks to dad’s interests!

He likes trying out different and new kind of food, but undoubtedly loves food made by my Mom(his wife 😛 ),though would rarely admit that. My mom would often say even when she’s on deathbed, he would ask her to cook first for the day and then die ;).You know this is their way of showing attachment :D. He’s so foodie (of course, I inherit his this part or almost all part of his nature ;)) that if he has invitation from multiple places for feast on the same day, he would make sure he visits all the places, not only for formality but for eating too :P, he would love to try out some of the spreads all all places, only to end up with an upset stomach but happy otherwise :D. All in the family always have a good laugh on this behavior of my father. The benefit of this habit of dad and awesome culinary skill of Mom was that, we always had privilege of tastiest food at home and even out of home 😀

He’s quite good in interacting with people, be it anybody, even my friend circle…so quite a social person. Give him a chance to interact with a friend and end of day, he would have more of his/her bio-data than me 😉 quite an inquisitive person he’s.

He loves travelling and exploring different places; has travelled a lot in India during his studies and keeps recalling those experiences when visiting those places again or when we go to those places, he would share those days reminisces and such talks are quite refreshing…

I have so many recollections with dad, that I can keep them jotting and it would not end even then…

Today he’s on the way to Hyderabad with Mom and my Masi, Mausa and kiddo cousin Arnav and I am really excited to meet all of them. I would not be missing them for some time now…Hope to have an awesome time in coming few days!

Love you Papa and Love you Mom!

PS. Now these are coming post pokes from Arnav aka Bonnie after his experiences with ‘dad the great’; he was like, I should certainly enter these in the write-up. So his experiences of which me and my bro and all others would agree…when we are travelling by train, dad has to get down at all the stations and take a stroll compulsorily and return with the something or other from the station, especially if that place is famous for some thing: like Agra and ‘Agra ke pethe’,Allahabad and ‘Allahabad ke amrood(guava)’,Nagpur and ‘Nagpur ke santre(oranges)’,etc. When we were very young, we would get scared when train would start and he would not be around, fearing that he might be left behind at the station ;).All in relation would say that, he would only not venture out at stations that would come across in the travel while he’s sleeping ;),a little exaggeration, I know… but this is how family talks happen 😀

And the latest news is dad again wants to learn computers and this time he’s asked bro to bring his old laptop along, so that he can learn :),let’s see how much progress he makes!

Folks, because of huge situational demand and the amount of stories and moments I want to share and keep for records, I will be updating this blog from time to time…

-> The latest development is: My cousin helped my Father to open his Facebook account and dad proudly calls my younger brother, sharing the news of his FB account being opened and now he would get an account setup for our Mom too…the tone was how he got his bank account opened in a new bank and will get one opened for Mom too  😉 😀


Good Night!

I was finally in my flat in Hyderabad,tired like hell and anything I needed was a peaceful sleep,but what do I hear…anklet sounds with some time interval…the origin of sound looked like the lift lobby;I was alone and too tired to get up and investigate…I ignored and it and slept,thought I would confess I was scared,not assuming it to be some ghost or something (trust me I don’t believe in ghosts :p),but you would agree that there would be obvious fear of the unknown and that too something like that of anklet sound at such late hours…

However the next night again,I hear the same sound and the ‘brave me’ thought of finding it out;I tried to follow the direction of sound and went downstairs,to find the security guard carrying a bunch of keys and walking in the lobby;I concluded that the sound must be because of these men walking with the bunch of keys and being playful in between.Totally convinced,I started ignoring the sound (very feeble sound,but being night, you can’t ignore).

Life was peaceful err soundful 😛 ,till me with my in law and husband happened to go for late night walk and me sharing with them how the sound coming,audible to them too kept me awake and how I found out the reason.However when we went down we could not see the guard with the keys,but still the sound kept on coming…Next day I was at home and the sound was audible in day time too…
The possibilities crossed out were the bunch of keys;the cycle bell(which was the next assumption,as we saw a security guard riding a bicycle with a bell and he using them at times),this was ruled out because the same sound kept on coming even in day time.

Next few days,came different probable reasons/source of the sound…like wind chimes in somebody’s house,some sound making toy tied to to some kid’s stroller,and yes may be if ghost really exist who has all the time to wander around my flat all night and now day time too :P.

Consciously or subconsciously even I kept on thinking about it till today morning…the day when the mystery was about to unfold…I was getting ready for office,when suddenly the sound heard was from a close distance,and I turned to see a pair of pigeon on the washrooms ventilator.I tried to go close,then the pigeons flew and sat on the opposite ventilator of the neighbors washroom and to my amazement what I see is the source of the sound in the feet one of the pigeons.Yes,one of the pigeons had tiny anklets in both its feet and whenever this pigeon moves,flies,walks in and around my flat/bedroom window,I hear that,I cant stop myself from saying in Hindi ‘Payal ki Jhankar’ 😛 ( sound of the anklets) I would have not believed it if I would not have seen it,and to make others believe I took a picture of the pair and I could make out they were liking the attention they were getting;as I had called my parents in law to witness my discovery.

Finally the mystery was solved and I could relax mentally,though the sound keeps coming then and now,however knowing the reason,I find it sweet now 😛 :D.

This whole episode was an interesting,intriguing experience for me and people around me,so thought why not write it down…

Good Night every body and the pigeon with anklets 🙂

PS. Please carefully look at the feet of the darker pigeon,it has anklets in its feet….

ye cold kab mujhe chhorega :(

‘ye cold kab mujhe chhorega…yes kab????’ Now its been three weeks and I am continuously sneezing.coughing and feeling feverish…thanks to my ‘tour de north India’  in first week of this month,the climate of which I am not used to now ;),yes I am genuinely accustomed to south Indian climate now.

However a major reason of this cold in love with me so much 😉 is the chilling air conditioner in my office.The temperature of the office bay,where I sit is more cold than desired,the reason being ‘BOSS” :-x,like his huge stature,his ability to tolerate cold is also huge.And there we have a situation,where all except him are ready with arsenals(jerkins,monkey caps and the likes)ready to be put on as soon as AC is ready to attack 😦 :P…

The scene looks like some place in extreme cold season,however this is Chennai my dear,where it’s not cold,in fact you sweat at times even in month of December when you are not in my office :P.

Doc,suggested me to take medication and have complete rest for these two days at least…now before I go and have lunch and then medicine and go for second round of sleep,I though why not some ranting in ode 😛 of the ‘chipku’ cold 😛

In this fast-paced contemporary world, we have become strictly controlled in both the capacity and quality of contact with our societal set-up. The role of mobile telecommunications in the 21st century might be manifold; however the mobile phone’s role of being the facilitator of gossip and thus restoring our sense of connection and providing a remedy to the pressures and alienation of modern life is something I can vouch about.

Yes, mobiles are a ‘social lifeline’ in this bitty and separating world!

And yeah,you heard it right,I said ‘gossip’…now lets not judge the word ‘gossip’ with any pre-conceived notion of it being what we all claim,’ we don’t do’ ;).

This is a proven fact that two-thirds of all human conversation is gossip :), because this ‘vocal grooming’ is essential to our social, psychological and physical well-being 😛  🙂

Mobiles facilitate tête-à-tête…mobiles have increased and enhanced this vital lively activity, by allowing us to hear and say ‘anytime, anyplace, anywhere’ and to text as well as talk :P. Mobile chitchat is a helpful and important new stress-buster :)…

When I think about my own experience, I feel life’s taken a 210 degree round in the domain of phones, starting from the first land line phone at home to smart phone in my hands at present. I have left remaining 150 degrees, because it’s still turning day by day aligning itself with this mobile technology  🙂

The technology associated with mobile phones grew like anything. From the era of black and white screens of bulky hand sets with antenna to sleek and light handsets with color screens.

Latest mobile phones are loaded with music, camera, accessibility of WAP services,GPS and full internet access using technologies such as GPRS,ability to send and receive pictures and videos through MMS and bluetooth.Sound recording and video recording is so easy with mobile phone with these features. Most people do not walk around with a video camera, but do carry a phone. The arrival of video camera phones is transforming the availability of video to consumers, and helps fuel citizen journalism.

Till today, I have clear memories of my happiness and excitement on being given my first mobile phone by my parents, when I was in second semester of my engineering. It was a prized procession, securely kept in a girly mobile pouch:).That was a time when incoming calls had become free in India, and keeping a mobile phone looked like affordable for the Indian middle class.

In those days,there was no funda of local and std sms(s) and I still remember that we had sms(s) free from 9 pm in night till early morning at 6, which was fully utilized ;).Whilst I say this, I am amazed at the power and importance of sms(s) offers during college, as in though I have some 250+ sms(s) free,every month, I hardly utilize them as much as in those days,as in which implies I have matured a little :P,nevertheless there is no doubt in youngsters utilizing power of sms(s) like anything ;)…

The best thing about mobile conversation which is often enhanced by the use of the text message as a sort of ‘trailer’, alerting friends to the fact that one is in possession of an interesting item of gossip, but without revealing the details, which are saved for a phone call or meeting.

“You can set someone up with a text message – create the anticipation of what you’re going to say, before you meet up with them. “In our text messages we write the word GOSSIP then dot dot dot so that you know you’re about to receive a bit of juicy gossip.” It’s like a sort of sneak preview thing, you know? I’ll just say enough in the text to get her interested, so when I phone he/she’s like “Oooh, what is it? Tell me! Tell me!”

Then another college funda of using mobile phone in college was ‘missed calls’. I think we made more ‘missed calls’ than the actual calls: P. Infact‘missed calls’ were used by many as substitute for actual real conversation/message. Through some really creative acquaintances ;), I got to know that they have proper set of words for the type of missed call they make:).

Then came a time of ‘unlimited calls’ offer and for we students especially the love birds or the aspiring love birds, this was no way less than a boon. There were many night outs on mobile phones having chatty talk about the details of personal matters and relationships, the sharing of secrets – more or less what we currently mean by gossip (with my beau).I was one of the subscriber to this offer, amongst so many in my college in particular.

Why do we talk so much on phone…and what trusted sources of information convey is, because it helps us to establish, develop and maintain relationships; to bond with other members of our social circle; to clarify our social position and status; to manage reputations; to learn social skills; to learn and reinforce shared values; to resolve conflicts; to build support networks; to win friends and influence people. We may also gossip because we are genetically programmed to do so. According to the psychologist Robin Dunbar (to whom I owe most of the above findings on gossip :)), chitchat is part of our evolutionary hard-wiring – perhaps even the single most important part. Language, he argues, evolved to allow us to tittle-tattle.

What I like the most is a particular tone of voice – high and quick, or sometimes a stage whisper, but always highly animated – which is important in generating a sense of excitement 🙂

“Gossip’s got to start with something like “Oooh – Guess what? Guess what?” or “Hey, listen, listen – you know what I heard?””

“You have to make it sound surprising or scandalous, even when it isn’t really. You’ll go “well, don’t tell anyone, but.” even when it’s not really that big of a secret.”

Many people I know bought their mobiles “just for emergencies”, but increasingly found themselves using the mobile for chatting and gossiping with friends and family, and now believe that the mobile provides a quite different kind of ‘social lifeline’. Some very common thing I heard:

“It was a safety thing to begin with, but now it keeps me in touch with the outside world.”

“It’s my only means of communication – I’d feel completely lost and lonely without it.”

“What you get out of it [mobile gossip] is a sense of being included, being trusted – a sense of belonging to a group”

“And also a sense that people care about you as well”

“Having your phone stolen turns your whole world upside down – without my phone, I feel left out of my social group”

For me, when it’s all getting me down, I’ll go to a quiet corner or even to the loo and call my boyfriend on my mobile – that’s the really good thing about mobiles is that it’s private… I can call from my mobile to my parents,cousins,friends and relatives and we’ll chat about family, food,bollywood and relationships… Even if I’m sitting at my desk it feels like I’m at home, that sort of warm feeling – it’s like I can escape from work into a different world for a bit, you know? A more familiar world! :).

Mobiles allow me to keep up with the small details of what’s going on in people’s lives, and that’s what makes me feel close to them. It allows me to maintain that relationship or friendship. It’s a connection – a feeling of bonding. It’s comforting. If I am bored on a train or fed up in traffic,I phone someone for a chat and feel better. Everyone’s so busy these days that it’s the only way of keeping in touch. I gossip more on the mobile with friends I don’t see often – I can report things to them as I hear them.

Those non stop calls from friends and loved ones on birthday and festivals…that early morning wake up call…that on time call on Valentine’s day….that fight too :P,when a date was forgotten…those pranks…those surprises…all the love,all the tantrums and all the arguments 😉 ….none of them will leave my memories ever 🙂

There are so many things,incidents,memories associated with mobile phones;I can go on and on and on…Even if we have no topic to talk about ,we can anytime talk about the latest mobile phones,latest talk plans,latest features on mobile phones ,sharing of songs between mobile phones and the best time pass or rather utilization 😉 would be photo sessions with our mobile cameras… :)No doubt that mobile phones are show stoppers on the ramp of activities with friends and families… 🙂

Conversations is, and always has been, good for us – essential to our social, psychological and even physical well-being. The mobile phone  is helping us to manage, acclimatize and endure. This is perhaps the most remarkable and significant impact: that a technological advance is helping to counter the unfavorable effects of previous technological advances. Mobile phones are re-creating the more normal, benevolent communication patterns of pre-industrial era: we are using space-age know-how to return to stone-age gossip!

Somehow,one thing I feel is…that due to the presence of the mobile phones with us,we do not talk to strangers when traveling anymore. In the past, several people waiting for a bus would engage in a conversation while they were waiting. People who traveled the same routes every day might develop friendships along the way. This situation does not happen anymore. Today when people are waiting for a bus, they just pull out their cell phones and speak with old friends, missing out on the opportunity to make new ones. In large cities, many people do not know their neighbors, even though they may have lived in the same neighborhood for years. As a society, we are beginning to lose the face-to-face contact that was such an important part of our lives in the past.

Cell phones are a great asset in aiding in our every day lives. We should remember, however, to hang up every once in a while and pay attention to the world around us!:)

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Soch Liya!

(Submission for the Soch lo contest on indiblogger|http://www.indiblogger.in/topic.php?topic=25This writeup is completely imaginary,with no direct or indirect hint at anybody….Vote for me at http://www.indiblogger.in/indipost.php?post=28202)

Okay, so here’s the situation I sochofied… “My boyfriend and I got together six months back and since one month now, his ex-girlfriend has been trying to get him back. I know her personally and I got hint of her intentions, because out of aggravation, yesterday she called me up and told me that I was a boyfriend stealer…

Oh by the way, he dumped her because she was cheating on him with another guy…

My problem now is, he tells me over and over again that he has no feelings for her anymore, but he does not mind her calling him on his mobile, her sms(s) to him and her asking him to meet her to help her for some reason or other…Sometimes she is not well, some times she has none to drop her to some place, some times this sometimes that…. I don’t know what to do to make me feel secure and what I should do about his ex ='((((.”

Now when I can make a plot so much full of extreme emotions of love, breakup, jealousy, cheating, honesty…, I had to be my own agony aunt(s) and I really feel I knew how much I can think only when I had no option but to think and think and think and visualize…Oh yes I am very good in visualizing things and I can see everything I think and also I visualize things which others tell me…!Okay, now coming back to the topic, how can I have different solutions /advises for my own problem…what I thought best at this moment was…why not put myself in thinking cap of different people…including my own 😉 (Now you believe I can think ;)) and think about this serious issue…!

To start, with angel on my shoulder, I though from a very soft emotional and positive perspective and what came to my mind was a quote from Richard Bach …“If you love something, set it free, if it comes back to you, it’s yours. If it doesn’t, it never was”. We do not possess anything in this world, least of all other people. We only imagine that we do. Our friends, our lovers, our spouses, even our children are not ours; they belong only to themselves. Possessive and controlling friendships and relationships can be as harmful as neglect. Now if I am not the girl, he has chosen just to get over his ex…, is it really worth fighting…? May be let him go and let him sort his head out. If he comes back it was meant to be…!

Whilst ,what I wrote above, I was simultaneously having contradictory thoughts(this time with devil on my shoulder :-x)and I thought if every thing has to happen as it is meant to be, especially in such a situation which can be really adverse to my expectations, I will be loser and nothing else…Still if the situation arises that if I decided to set my partner free or he was already free 😉 and somehow that phase was unbearable and painful I would like to quote,” If you love something set it free, if it comes back it’s yours, if it doesn’t, break it’s legs and it’ll never run away again!” 😛 :D…and “I will go up to her and slap her and tell her to p**s off”. At least I will be happy that I vented out!

Now, what about a direct ‘one to one’ approach…you now see, how much these ‘one to one’ meetings are influencing me… :P…Okay, she’s a b*tch. And my boyfriend doesn’t sound really smart either. I have to tell him to do things (don’t meet her; don’t do this, don’t do that…). If he cared he would do it without you telling him to. I will talk to him and tell him if he still has feelings for her, he should tell me now because I don’t want to be treated like dirt. And if he chooses her over me, leave him. Here I am a girl who does not like to be one of those girls who says “But I love him…” I am just going to hurt myself like that”. I would tell him that until he gets his story straight, and until he decides who he wants to be with, it’s over!

Last but not the least…a KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) solution from a very cool angle… “Ignore her”. I have him and not her – that infuriates her – that’s enough revenge in itself…I should not stress and concentrate on strengthening my relationship with him and have good good time

All thought and said…the reality is “The mystery of love is greater than the mystery of death.” and if it has to happen it will and it’s always “Better to have loved and lost, than to have never loved at all.”

I just took the “What does your birthday say about you”? quiz,on facebook with the result:

Sensitive,Attractive personality.sexy. Affectionate.Shy and reserved. Secretive. Naturally honest, generous and sympathetic. Loves peace and serenity. Sensitive to others. Loves to serve others. Easily angered. Trustworthy. Appreciative and returns kindness. Observant and assesse…s others. Revengeful. Loves to dream and fantasize. Loves traveling. Loves attention. Hasty decisions in choosing partners. Loves home decors. Musically talented.Loves special things. Moody.

I was just supposed to answer some 4-5 questions related to my birth day and few about my favorites…And about the result,I can say,correct to some extent… 🙂 😛

Right now I am “too lazy” and about to be fully affected by “Monday fever”…to analyze this result….In another few minutes, Sunday will be over and Monday starts….I just want to say…”Why again another Monday…???” 😦

I was indoors the whole day and nobody in room to interact too,what could have happened that I would have identified as ‘Best of Today!’

But then something happened,I had submitted my blog at Indiblogger.in…whose punchline is “Join the largest and most active community of Indian Bloggers..Indians by birth. Bloggers by choice”

And they have,Submission Guidelines…8 not-so-simple rules

To ensure that a blog submission is accepted for inclusion in the IndiBlogger directory,one has to ensure that they comply with them.One’s submission is not approved as soon as one submits a blog.Its reviewed and analysed and then only the submitted blog inclusion in their directory is approved.

And today I got a mail from indiblogger.in…

“Dear Shalini,

Welcome to IndiBlogger! We are happy to inform you that your blog listing shaluhere has been approved and is visible on our directory.”

They have some really cool badges to keep on one’s blog…I got a few for me to 🙂

I was happy,happy as a hippo 🙂

And nevertheless it was the “Best of Today!’  🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 

Snooze Champ

Oh yeah…like everybody even I love a good snooze and I feel all these years of experience of setting up an alarm and then keep it on snooze,is in process of making me a ‘snooze champ’ LOL 😉

I have this god gifted or I have developed this skill in me????Whatever it be,but yes if there was any competition of  finding the “Snooze Champion”,I can very confidently nominate myself and I am sure I can at least reach the finals… 😀

While I draft this post here,I though why not have a poll on a very important aspect of being a ‘snooze champ’…that is how many times has one put one’s alarm on ‘snooze’,what say???? 😉 🙂 😀

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