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cooking is indeed a stress buster!

Well I knew it,however this was not coming to my little brain,last week,when I was really stressed due to some unforeseen incidents that happened…but now no more brooding I thought and after coming back from my planned ECR drive in morning,I thought of cooking and today being Saturday,it was easy for me to decide,what to cook…no prizes for guessing…it was ‘khichdi and aloo-chokha’ 🙂

All my room mates (ex and present ) will vouch about this combo being made their favorites too, especially on Saturdays.After the sumptuous meal it was time for siesta and trust me I felt refreshed when I got up.

Evening was spent in front of the ‘idiot-box’ sipping tea and somehow I wanted to cook again,as it was really helping me :),so menu for the dinner was ‘mix-veg-with a twist’ and chapati.

Dinner is ready and so is the blog’s post with all the deserved visuals 🙂

I am sure many of you who love cooking and believe that cooking is a stress buster will not forget to try cooking at such times!
P.S.Recepie on demand 🙂

Another one :)

It was already late and there was no way I could stop somewhere to buy grocery for today, I had no flour in room to make chapatis and to add to situation no clean vessels to do proper cooking. And as this was not enough, I had no instant noodles too. What will I eat for the dinner, was what I kept on thinking right from the moment I took auto till the time I was in kitchen, totally blank…when suddenly an idea hit my creative mind ;).

So here it is of what I did…

Ingredients I had with me: brown bread, onion, tomato, garlic-onion paste, green chillies, capsicum, potato, french beans. egg.
I kept saucepan on fire and just one spoon of butter and in it brown bread, each cut into 6 small rectangle shape(I took 3 breads).I kept saucepan the bread in the pan till it became more brown and crispy.
I chopped one tomato, one potato, four French beans, one onion, one green chili, one capsicum. After removing the bread from saucepan,two tablespoon of butter in it, cummin seeds, green chilies and the chopped onion…fired for some time and then added rest chopped vegetables and ginger garlic paste. mixed well and covered the lid. I kept checking in between if it was done. In some 9-10 minutes the vegetables were kind of cooked, the I added one teaspoon of red chilly powder+Maggie magic masala+one teaspoon of salt, tomato ketchup, pepper powder and the bread(sauté ones) and one egg on top of it. Mixed it properly and in another 2 minutes my dinner was ready and believe me it tasted yummy

But what do we call it…Chalo, I’ll call it ‘ brown bread masala’
I am somebody who doesn’t like bread, but this was something I really enjoyed making and it tasted so good and I found it to be nice comfort food in situation like I was into; at time when you returned from shopping, when you get hunger pangs at midnight, when you have nothing to do and you want to cook and eat what you cooked too ;)…Well enough cases I suppose, isn’t it?

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