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cooking is indeed a stress buster!

Well I knew it,however this was not coming to my little brain,last week,when I was really stressed due to some unforeseen incidents that happened…but now no more brooding I thought and after coming back from my planned ECR drive in morning,I thought of cooking and today being Saturday,it was easy for me to decide,what to cook…no prizes for guessing…it was ‘khichdi and aloo-chokha’ 🙂

All my room mates (ex and present ) will vouch about this combo being made their favorites too, especially on Saturdays.After the sumptuous meal it was time for siesta and trust me I felt refreshed when I got up.

Evening was spent in front of the ‘idiot-box’ sipping tea and somehow I wanted to cook again,as it was really helping me :),so menu for the dinner was ‘mix-veg-with a twist’ and chapati.

Dinner is ready and so is the blog’s post with all the deserved visuals 🙂

I am sure many of you who love cooking and believe that cooking is a stress buster will not forget to try cooking at such times!
P.S.Recepie on demand 🙂

What if…

What if…yes…there can be million “what if(s)?”,but when today I was enjoying a hot cup of ginger tea in evening,all of a sudden I thought,what if tea didn’t exist?I feel if  tea was not there,my mornings,whatever time it be 😉 would not have started…breakfasts would not have tasted that good without a cup of tea along with it…the chit chats in college canteen would have never been so spicy without a spicy tea…office gossips in company cafeteria would not have  been so interesting without a tea cup…a power nap would have never been that powerful without a tea after it…travelling in trains would not have remained so memorable without a cuppa tea… late night studies would have remained so impacting without a cup of strong tea…feel of rain would not have remained the same without a cup of tea… for me the list is endless and I can keep writing and writing about what not entities existence is incomplete without tea…Tea gives me warmth in cold,keeps me cool in heat,gives me energy when I am weak…Yes tea gives me enough reasons to write something in ode to its humble existence!

I was still not cured of my Monday fever and just day dreaming about a long holiday in Switzerland… 😛  when I got a SMS…

*CITIALERT*Your A/C XXXXXXXXXXXX has been credited with salary of……………………………….

Yes,its dot dot….because I have to keep this confidential according to company policies…. 😉

Salary-Day 🙂 on Mon-Day….  🙂

And for today it was the “Best of Today!” 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

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