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In the morning,when I just didn’t have an iota energy to get out of bed and start for office,a thought process,which at many times acts like ‘REDBULL’ energy drink,again made me come to office today!

When I have to go for work(daily 😛 ),sometimes in situation of bad mood or bad health(cold,cough,headache situation being common 😦 ),I just feel ‘BAD’ and life continues…,but whenever I take leave be it planned or sick leave or its weekend off,I feel good and relaxed on those days…

……..And when I have to start for office after that leave, it makes me feel ‘MORE BAD’ 😦    😛

As soon as this is thought of,I instantly decide to allow myself to feel ‘BAD’ rather than ‘MORE BAD’ 😉 😛  🙂

I know I know this sounds STUPID,but this is how it works for me… ‘SOMETIMES’ 😛  😉

Today when I was giving this GYAN to my colleague here,he had a GOOD laugh,so thought,lets enlighten others too 😛 🙂

Happy Working!


ye cold kab mujhe chhorega :(

‘ye cold kab mujhe chhorega…yes kab????’ Now its been three weeks and I am continuously sneezing.coughing and feeling feverish…thanks to my ‘tour de north India’  in first week of this month,the climate of which I am not used to now ;),yes I am genuinely accustomed to south Indian climate now.

However a major reason of this cold in love with me so much 😉 is the chilling air conditioner in my office.The temperature of the office bay,where I sit is more cold than desired,the reason being ‘BOSS” :-x,like his huge stature,his ability to tolerate cold is also huge.And there we have a situation,where all except him are ready with arsenals(jerkins,monkey caps and the likes)ready to be put on as soon as AC is ready to attack 😦 :P…

The scene looks like some place in extreme cold season,however this is Chennai my dear,where it’s not cold,in fact you sweat at times even in month of December when you are not in my office :P.

Doc,suggested me to take medication and have complete rest for these two days at least…now before I go and have lunch and then medicine and go for second round of sleep,I though why not some ranting in ode 😛 of the ‘chipku’ cold 😛

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