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Heaven called upon you,

leaving all of us with
so many words left for you.
now it’s too late,
words unspoken,feelings unexpressed.
I am sure everybody has some.
Regrets and wishes
are probably there too,
but lasting forever
are memories of you.
I was there when you
came in between us.
There have been many times,
when I could not imbibe
that you are so mature;
that you know so much more;
And now that,
that you are no more…
Your words,
Your images,
Your memories will
always remain vivid.
And wishes come
deep from heart that you get all the happiness
that God forgot to give you this time!


In  loving memory of my cousin-bro Aman,who died on August 31 st, 2010 at the age of 17;he was suffering from cerebral palsy.

Recalled Refreshed Cherished…

I do miss my good old childhood days and somehow or other associating all phases of life with television serials and program comes by default to me…I still have clear images of our first television set….a Salora black and white TV with shutters and channel knob…and big antennas with boosters with them to get clear signals…there was no option of channels till DD2 came and there were days of color televisions with varying degree of bulkiness to sleek LCD televisions…When I started recalling all those TV programs and serials of which I was a viewer with different levels of interests …so many sweet,innocent,cute memories were floating around me like white clouds around a fairy…I was lost…literally lost…and then I started jotting down the names of all the TV broadcasts which I could recall…I am sure whomsoever starts reading this list will be lost in some or other memories and for sure feel good :)…..So here we go…. 🙂

Agatha Christie’s Poirot
Aisa Bhi Hota Hai
Akbar The Great
Alice In Wonderland
Alif Laila
All the Best
Amir Khusro
Anandi Gopal
Baigan Raja
Bharat Ek Khoj
Byomkesh Bakshi
Captain Vyom
Chhutti Chhutti
Dekh Bhai Dekh
Didi’s Comedy Show
Duck Tales
Ek Se Badhkar Ek
Ek Tha Rusty
Fhir Wahi Talaash
Flop Show
Guinness Book of World Records
Gul Gulshan Gulfaam
Hello Zindagi
He-Man and the Masters of the Universe
Honee Anhonee
Hum Pancchi Ek Daal Ke
Intezaar Aur Sahi
Jai Hanumaan
Jungle Book
Kab Tak Pukaroon
Kabhi Saas Kabhi Bahu
Kissa Shanti Ka
Knight Rider
Krishi Darshan
Main Dilli Hoon
Malgudi Days
Meri Awaaz Suno
Mirza Ghalib
Mitti Ke Rang
Morning Transmission
Mulla Naseeruddin
Mummies Alive
Mungeri Lal Ke Haseen Sapne
Mungeri Ke Bhai Naurangi
Neem Ka Ped
Om namah shivay
Palash ke Phool
Panch tantra ki kathayen
Param Vir Chakra
Phir Wahi Talaash
Potli Baba Ki
Raja Aur Rancho
Saanjha Chulha
Sab ka maalik ek hai
School Days
Sea Hawks
Show Time
Shriman Shrimati
Shri Krishna
Sinbaad The Sailor
Space City Sigma
Star Trek
Street Hawk
Stone Boy
Suno Re Kissa
Super Human Samurai Cyber Squad
Super Six
The Sword of Tipu Sultan
Ulta Pulta
Vikram Aur Betaal
Wagle Ki Duniya

Power of FREE ;)

Today when I was in one of the hypermarket buying some stuffs,I saw a packet of Maggie being kept in my basket while the shop attendant was transferring things I bought in the poly-cover;it was something which I had not purchased.I said the same to the man on billing counters.On listening this,he said,”Ma’am,it’s free with the coffee packet you purchased”.I said,”cool!” ,took my packet after making the payment and came out of the shop…and all of a sudden was reminded of all the “Free(s)” in past,in and around…!

As I said I got something for “free” and i said “cool”,which implies I was happy and frankly speaking I am always happy when i get something free with something and its a very old habit I would say.Old habits die-hard,and why should this habit die,when there is nothing to lose, in fact I am getting something for free…bole to “muft muft muft” 😀 😛

I very well remember how me and my bro would look out for the offers of  “FREE” in advertisements on television and on kirana shops walls and shelves.But yes we were only interested in things of our interest,though we would give  FREE expert advises on buying stuffs with some thing free to mom and relatives.And many a times it was appreciated and implemented too.Our domain at that time was looking out for offers like free cosco balls,chocolates,games and the likes…

The power of Free 😉 is unimaginable,it is so big and impacting that many a time the purchases are done for the free stuff and not the stuff with which you are getting the FREE :p

And somehow I believe this is true even today,not only in case of me but everyone…Don’t you look out for free memory card while buying a new mobile,freebies when you go to a resort,free membership,free services,free flight tickets,free holidays,free drinks 😉 ,free trade,etc,etc…

Yes,we all do that at different levels,without doubt,yes there are exceptions,but I am talking about normal people here 😛  😉

Driving Again!

After a busy schedule on a business tour and flying from Texas to Florida, moving ahead to Paris and then back to London, I took the next flight to Chennai and then moved to Chetpet, Nungambakkam in a private jet, only to suddenly awaken up out of the faraway tiny day-dream, I finally managed to reach and do formalities of joining car driving classes at L’Man’s driving school at Chetpet which is hardly 2 kilometres from the place I stay in Nungambakkam.And yes I took an auto rickshaw for twenty rupees to reach there 😉
Yes friends, though it was not such a ‘fundoo’ business trip but honestly I was busy and it was not only work that was keeping me busy, it was also a list of TV programs, plentiful sleep and my laziness.
However after getting several numbers of car driving schools in Chennai from useful sites in Indian context, like sulekha.com and justdial.com and subsequent calls, queries and enquiries, I finally managed to join L’Man’s driving school in Chetpet because they were the only one in my locality who had provision of pick up and drop, though this facility came up with a little addition in the cost involved when compared with other driving school. However it is acceptable and was a desired facility because first of all, this endeavour of learning car driving requires me to get up at least one and half hour earlier than my so-called daily schedule in morning and if I had to go on my own, just the thought of getting up early and then the overhead of taking an auto to and fro, the driving school would have been a never starting affair.
So it finally started yesterday with the trainer allowing me to sit on the driver’s seat and giving me gyan about gear, clutch, brake, accelerator, wiper and indicator(s). It was a warm up session, I would say.
And today morning I was allowed to start the car and yes drive it too. Some initial confusion in changing gears and simultaneous release of clutch, I was pretty good and confident while driving. We drove the car in the area near by my place for around half an hour and I was dropped outside my apartment. I felt good and was reminded of my happiness in school days, when I was able to balance my bicycle for the first time and second time when I as able to ride my ‘Bajaj Spirit’.
When I mention about my bicycle and scooterette, I point out one thing in common between them apart from my happiness in learning to drive them; and the common string in both cases is the colour. Yes both of them were ‘wine red’ in colour and I love this colour in general and in particular for a vehicle. So will I be able to buy a car of the same colour? Let’s see, hopefully I shall update you all about it.
Till then,
“Heureux et en sécurité de conduite”
“Feliz y seguro de conducer”
“Gelukkig en veilig rijden”
“Khush aur surakshit driving”
“Happy and safe driving”.

Shayad nahi… 😉

I can vouch for this as I am one of fervent fans of aam :P…LOL 😀 and every year I am equally excited about arrival of them in summers.

I cannot stop myself from buying mangoes as their appearance in market is witnessed.Truly,honestly mango is undoubtedly the king of fruits and I just love eating mangoes be it ripe or raw.

The looks,the aroma,the taste,the flavor everything is just so addictive,I find myself enjoying this juicy,tempting tasty fruit whenever I get a opportunity during seasons.

With mention of mangos,there is reminiscence of a happy,naughty and funny childhood too.I remember how myself and my bro would see which half of the sliced mango is thicker before picking one from the plate.There were fights,and turns to get the additional mango pulp from the seed part :P…Having mangos after dinner during summers was a daily ritual…and even in present times,I am kind of maintaining my family’s traditions.Oh my god! I am so traditional or this is my “aam ki pyaas” LOL :).

Whatever it be I do not wish to have any medication for this and while I post this on the blog,I am relishing sweet Alphonso parallelly,I am very much into multitasking you know 😉

My new fascination…

Growing up, my mother’s jewelry box was off-limits to her little daughter… Well, when you do not have access to something,something so good visually,you can imagine the fascination with it. I can remember standing on my tippy-toes, tippy-toes just to get a little glance of what was inside that big box in her cupboard. On those special occasions when mom and dad were going out for the evening, she would set it on the bed for me to look through. There were all sorts of beautiful things; rings and necklaces; earrings, bracelets,anklets and pins. She only wore them on very special occasions and I guess that’s they were so special to me as well. I remember festivals like teej,marriages and the likes when she would wear them and I would really love seeing them on her. All these days I liked jewelery only on others viz. mom,aunties,brides and friends though I was always wearing few of them always by default,thanks to prescriptions from astrologers and mother’s love…However since quite some time I am feeling an inclination of mine towards jewelry,by jewelry I mean the typical designer ones…I frequently surf sites of jewelers and trust me I have dozen’s of favorites bookmarked and I think I can plan to buy at least one very soon 🙂 or may be somebody will be inspired to buy one for me…who knows 😉 😛 :)…Someone very well said “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend and a man’s worst enemy “ 😛

My Roomies :)

As this year is imminent to its closing stages, I sense there are so many things I just could not manage to do in all these days…I wanted to put across my self, but it could not happen for some raison d’être or other…

Year 2009 was a bag of sundry experiences for. I was in high spirits; I was gloomy; I had successes; I had failures; I laughed; I cried; I fought; I had fun; I made foes and yes I made friends…

The place I stayed for all these days was a home away from home in true sense. My flat mates ;with whom my acquaintances was not very old, however the level of intimacy ,empathy, support and love in the midst of all there was not dreamt off when I joined them.

It was fun filled experience all these days there, and now when most of them, including me have moved on to different places for one reason or other, I long to get back to those times.

Herein I just want to write a little about all of them…better to say the first thing about them when I think about them…

Kanu…hmm this cute girl is in true sense big thing in small package!!!!Very down to earth, sensible, caring, intelligent and emotional…I miss those cooking and long chit chat sessions with you on any damn topic. Thanks for all the support I got from you, be the same always.

Rashmi…true to her name…this damsel shines with her fairness. She is very emotional and straightforward girl who values love above anything else. I wish her all the very best in her life.

Roma…our forever “talli” friend: P….jokes apart this lady is a true support system to rely upon in adverse situations and I say that with personal experience. She has unimaginable energy and determination. Hats off to you dear. And I pray God that you get everything you wish for you in your life.

Veenu…my Rani Mukherji and “jab we met’s” Kareena Kapoor…I have to just tell her this to make her happy…A happy go lucky person who is expert in anything she does, be it cooking,makeup,coding,dancing….A great future is stored in you and you have already started getting them. Keep smiling always.

Ruchika… aka Chuggu, BAIL…ha ha…She’s my favorite teasing target. I just love doing it. I know you hate this, but baby I love it and I am sure you must be missing me for that. You are very sweet and you look like a bachcha…however your long list of…makes me wonder how’s it possible. Do invite me for your marriage, don’t you dare forget it…Love you…

Vinni… the sole proprietor of the word “nalayak”…a bundle of mischief and a very good friend. She’s bindaas and urbane in true sense.

Kimi… she gives real wrong impression of being beauty without brains. However this is not at all the case. She’s as bright in all senses as bright she looks. She is a very sweet girl with so many qualities to learn from her. My best wishes are with you for all you endeavor.

Prerna… one of my earliest friends in Bangalore…though distance apart since quite some time, she manages to keep tab of all with quite an élan. She’s a very nice person to know and soon she’s going to get something she’s been dreaming of all these days. All the best dearie…!!!!

Vidhi and Nidhi… the new kids in our place!!!!Vidhi though younger than most of us is “born grandmother”. All those familiar with her would agree to this. She’s a great cook, great manager, very religious and sweet.

And Nidhi, a child still, with so many questions with her all the time. Grow up girl and believe in yourself.

Both of you have a great future ahead. My wishes are always there for you.

I am going to miss all of you big time. I wish our paths cross some time again in future. Love you all.

Best wishes for the New Year…****Happy 2010****…May this year bring lots of happiness, love, laughter and fun…to all of you!!!!

“I love sleep. My life has the tendency to fall apart when I’m awake, you know?”said Ernest Hemingway, American novelist and short-story writer who won the Nobel Prize for Literature. And believe me I this quote would have been quoted as being mine if  Hemingway was not born before me…

Sleep is awe-inspiring and this is why, I am in love with sleep. There is nothing more precious than a good night’s sleep. When I was a kid my mother would have to wake me up to nosh me. I hardly ever woke up in the middle of the darkness for no matter what. I would sleep anywhere at any time. Now that I am an adult it’s not quite as easy to go to sleep anywhere at any time but let me tell you how I do love my sleep. I love it. I love it. I love it.

And please, do not wake me when I am asleep. It’s an awful thing. To me there is nothing more painful than a phone ringing in the middle of the night, an alarm clocking going off, or being nudged to get up and get ready for work. I am such an expert in avoiding that alarm, that I would get up myself just some moments before the alarm rings, switch it off and go back to sleep. I am not very sure how I manage to do this, but yes this happens. I used to go for tuitions in the morning in my plus two days. It was a huge chore for my mother just to get me out of the bed every morning. She would have to set her alarm an hour before she had to wake me because she knew it would take that long to get me up. She had strategies, like turning the lights on, yelling, pulling, playing radio, etc., but no matter what she tried it was still painful for her.

All through university I did everything to avoid those 8:00 AM classes. I succeeded during my undergrad degree but after that the office schedule was a little more demanding. I had to get up early to catch the company bus. However this did not last long and I was asked by manager to come to office in UK timings, that is Indian 1:30 pm to 10:30 pm.It was like a bounty of sleep gifted to me. I had almost forgotten setting an alarm on my mobile. I used to sleep when I wanted and get up whenever my eyes would open. My roommates used to be envy. I am sure they would agree to it.

However nothing lasts forever, and so was my schedule.

A new project and a new timing or better to say normal timings; when I had to get up early and rush for office. Honestly speaking I wanted to get back to this routine of taking pain to get up early, because then only my love for sleep would remain; as I was getting overdose of sleep, I was scared of falling out of my love for sleep.

I never feel bad about my love for sleep, probably because it’s the only time I am freed of all the hassles and life’s usual processes. Then one day, someone told me “Sleep is good, death is better; but of course, the best thing would to have never been born at all” and since then I try to perceive my love for sleep as not being an escape from life’s realities. I am still in love with sleep and now I believe in sleep as being the best form of meditation.






     For some rationale when I muse over on the times of yore, I think about the playoffs from my babyhood that seem to seize up so much time. Ha-ha, times are different now and it’s pretty hard to play, in fact too hard to even get a thought about it. It was a lazy Saturday morning with my roommates over a cup of tea when one of them was sharing her experience of playing a computer game as part of her job interview process, and over that point started our chit chat on games we used to play when we were kids. If you have lived part of your life in any Indian city or village, by this time your childhood memories might have come alive.

Yes, it does refreshes the sweet memories of ones childhood which takes you back to the years when you had nothing to worry about and the only thing you liked was to play and enjoy the life.

However, I can still pick them up again for old time’s sake!

Let’s refresh your stapu days, I said. C’mon! It’s not that you’ve forgotten all about the game! Remember drawing those skewed boxes with chalk, and throwing a misshaped piece of marble or roadside pebble in one of the eight boxes, and then hopping on one foot from box to box? There! With our memory refreshed, we all started thinking of all the games we used to play. Here are some of my favorites that my memory permits:

  • Pithoo
  • Vish -amrit
  • Poshampa-bhai-poshampa
  • Kabbaddi
  • Kho kho
  • Ghar-ghar
  • Ludo
  • Carrom board
  • Vyapar
  • Chess
  • Chinese checker
  • Luka chippi

That’s as much as I can remember for the time being, but I would love to hear everyone else’s comments… I’m sure I’ve missed a lot of awesome games.

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