Now it’s high time I should write about it, write about a restaurant, I would love to go whenever I want to eat a lot 😉 and have good time. And no wonder I would always recommend this to be the place where a planned lunch or dinner should be…

For the first time it was a college friend’s (Rajesh to be specific) as his treat to me and Vincy, on him getting job at Adobe…second time when my manager at Tech Mahindra, Bangalore asked me to recommend a place for team lunch (as you know I am known to be giving nice recommendations ;))…then with my dear friend Andy on his visit from States…then few more visits …then with Ravi sir,Baddy sir and Vincy… last to last month with Vincy dear(on a special day :))…and again last Saturday with my colleagues( Thang and Vipin)of Talisma in Barbeque Nation, Chennai.
For the uninitiated, Barbeque Nation is a chain of restaurants and the place is open till 11:30 pm to 12:30 am (it’s there in Chennai, Bangalore and other cities like New Delhi, Mumbai, Pune etc.) and serves unlimited mouth-watering grilled vegetarian (and non-vegetarian) kebab followed by excellent main course and topped by a selected assortment of desserts….
Every time we have been there, we had to wait a good 30 minutes on an average for our turn after arriving at the place but the wait was more than worth it. In any case, one can make a reservation, especially on weekends, before one visits the place. Barbeque Nation offers everything that one can relate with a fine dining or high-end restaurant. Valet Parking, live singing performances, nice ambience, excellent customer service and its share of USPs.
The USP of Barbeque Nation is that the starters are grilled on the table. So, we can have them hot and watch them being grilled too! This is what you are told by the attendant when you say you are here for the first time; and last Saturday, I did their job by letting Thang and Vipin know about it … 🙂
The starters, usually comprising vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes, are served on the table. You can keep ordering the starters till you decide to save some space in your stomach for the main course and deserts, which are equally good :p … The service is excellent. The main course is well laid-out with a bit of assortment and in deserts we have vanilla, truffle, gulabjamun, mousse, brownies, fruits, tarts,phirnee….
Overall, Barbeque Nation, both in Bangalore and Chennai (and I hope they are equally good in other cities) is a must try for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians.Every time I’d been there I had real good time and would love to go there again and again… 🙂