Last month when I fell down from the stairs,I took full one week off from office as such was the situation for me,though thankfully I had no fracture !In fact many of of my well wishers  advised me to not go to office for couple of more days,but then I thought I was okay and so…However today its not about me… with what I started!

Today it is about the poor and old John,the parking lot in-charge,where  park my car.He is old but is very active and had been very helpful to me all these days,and though my knowledge of Tamil is equal to his knowledge of English,we manage to convey what we intend.

I did not see him in morning today and was quite late while returning,thanks to new acquired professional responsibilities.When I reached the parking lot,I saw his right hand with cast and was sitting quite,which was not like daily.As I told earlier,he will be very active,moving from one corner to other,helping people to take out their vehicles.

I went and asked him,what happened,he told me,how he fell down from stairs yesterday night,and while he was saying,I noticed,how he sighed with pain!

I felt really bad and there was a heavy feeling all the way back to my place,as I kept thinking of my status being so privileged,when compared to old John…who had to come for work even when he has a fractured hand and pain was so much visible.

I know,there are more worse situations than these around,however this was for the first time I could feel the pinch and the gaps between two human beings.

The concern and empathy I felt is not leaving me somehow…!