In continuation with my very sweet sleep rhapsody…I just want to share about what cruelty I had been imposing on my sleep because of my driving classes 😉 all these days err mornings.

As I can only take driving lessons in the morning and I really want to learn driving ASAP…every night(since past 4-5 weeks)I am very determined to get up on time and go downstairs and wait for my car driving trainer.And in fact I had been managing it somehow…

However there is a twist in the story :P… The trainer does not know anything but Tamil and few English words,but then he will never use them anyways,and when while waiting for him in morning in the first week,when I would call him,he would say something in Tamil( in super fast speed) and because I would not understand what he said,I would be left with no clue whether he’s coming in 5 minutes,10 minutes or whether he will be not coming at all…I somehow managed to guide trainer to speak with me in broken sentences in English…if he’s coming in 5 minutes…just telling me…”5 minutes wait”…if he’s not coming….he should say…”not coming”.However this little training to my trainer…was a savior 🙂

But then again a twist…as it’s so well-known that I just love sleeping and it is just so nice to sleep in morning;every night when I go to sleep,I am very determined to get up timely in morning for my car driving sessions,but  when I hear my mobile alarm,at first instance I want to keep it in snooze and in second instance I want to call the trainer and wish to hear…”Amma…I am not coming”…and me going to sleep again… 😛

Today also I got up on alarm, saw time and then decided that instead of trying to fulfill my wish to hear from the trainer to say that he’s not coming,I told him….”Anna I am not…” 😛 :D…and slept for another two hours…. 😀 🙂