A perfect Sunday morning????Aloo paratha with butter and a cuppa tea in breakfast…and my dil goes mmmm… :)…By now you would have got an idea of me being an ardent “aloo paratha” fan…!And whenever I have a say I would prefer to have them as my Sunday breakfast.As member of my college mess committee I had managed to have them in Sunday breakfast menu in college too :)So last time when somehow after a considerable gap I happened to make them myself,I captured some moments of the great aloo parathas in making… 😛

For making six aloo parathas,all you need is 250 gms of potatoes(boiled,peeled and mashed),chopped green chillies,chopped garlic,chopped onion,chopped green coriander leaves,jeera,salt,chaat masala,black salt,red chili powder,pepper and garam masalafor the filling.Wheat flour dough and ghee+butter.

Heat ghee in karhai,add jeera+chillies+garlic and then after some time chopped onion…fry until red and then add salt(according to taste)+black salt+chili powder+mashed potato and mix well.After some time add chat masala,pepper,garam masala (according to taste) and chopped green corriander.Now prepare saucer shapes with the dough,as seen in the pics.fill them with the prepared fillings and flatten them carefully into round parathas.Now on the heated tava,goes the paratha and along with it ghee on both sides after few minutes.Cooked properly on both sides…aloo paratha are ready one after another…. 🙂

Serve them with butter,curd/yoghurt/raita and tea…..And this how an awesome Sunday breakfast is made and enjoyed… 🙂