Heaven called upon you,

leaving all of us with
so many words left for you.
now it’s too late,
words unspoken,feelings unexpressed.
I am sure everybody has some.
Regrets and wishes
are probably there too,
but lasting forever
are memories of you.
I was there when you
came in between us.
There have been many times,
when I could not imbibe
that you are so mature;
that you know so much more;
And now that,
that you are no more…
Your words,
Your images,
Your memories will
always remain vivid.
And wishes come
deep from heart that you get all the happiness
that God forgot to give you this time!


In  loving memory of my cousin-bro Aman,who died on August 31 st, 2010 at the age of 17;he was suffering from cerebral palsy.