What will happen tomorrow?will I be able to do it again,what I did last time?




To be honest,I do not know 😛

Okay,let me make myself clear…its about my status tomorrow in swimming pool,when I will be told to jump in pool without swimming tube…I have been practicing with submersible tube in my last six classes and have also been observing others who were scared too when it was their turn as it will be mine tomorrow.

Last class,the trainer asked me to remove the tube and prompted me to cross the pool,and I crossed the pool from one side to other,on the shallower portion…however I am not sure how I did it :P,it just happened by fluke,did I really swim and can I swim again????

That’s a million dollar question,whose answers I will get in pool itself,and that’s what I am so scared about 😦

I was just watching some you tube videos for swimming lessons,when my roommate,who knows swimming,said it’s so funny 😀 ,but then I can see thousand of videos and thousand page visits there,so I am not funny alone 😛 😉

I know its funny to learn swimming online :P,but there are many professionally made videos out there and my only reason to see them was that extra preparation,so that I do not fail err drown 😦 😛

I feel very sleepy when I finish swimming,however the nigh before,that is today I have lost my sleep…

Now I can do nothing ,but sleep and go for swimming classes in morning…

Wish me luck!

P.S.I am sure I will be dreaming about swimming toning 😛