What if…yes…there can be million “what if(s)?”,but when today I was enjoying a hot cup of ginger tea in evening,all of a sudden I thought,what if tea didn’t exist?I feel if  tea was not there,my mornings,whatever time it be 😉 would not have started…breakfasts would not have tasted that good without a cup of tea along with it…the chit chats in college canteen would have never been so spicy without a spicy tea…office gossips in company cafeteria would not have  been so interesting without a tea cup…a power nap would have never been that powerful without a tea after it…travelling in trains would not have remained so memorable without a cuppa tea… late night studies would have remained so impacting without a cup of strong tea…feel of rain would not have remained the same without a cup of tea… for me the list is endless and I can keep writing and writing about what not entities existence is incomplete without tea…Tea gives me warmth in cold,keeps me cool in heat,gives me energy when I am weak…Yes tea gives me enough reasons to write something in ode to its humble existence!